Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cakes = Christmas!

So this last week I did a couple of cakes. They kept me pretty busy.

The first cake I did was a butterfly cake for a little girl named Lybee!

Side view.
I cut a round cake in half and used bits of a square cake for the center. I got the idea from google images. I always go on there and get ideas and then come up with my own. I loved how the butterfly turned out. Kurt said it was probably his favorite cake that I have done. I liked it too. I might even do it for Ayla's second birthday.

The second cake I did was a wedding cake. I didn't use fondant either.

Here it is.
Fondant eat your heart out!
I definitely prefer to use butter cream over fondant, at least homemade fondant. It wasn't as much work and it was easier.

Here is the side view.
The couple was married in Vegas and that is why there are dice on the cake. They said they wanted a simple cake and they got it. I loved the polka-dot ribbon I used. It added to the dice.

Here is what it looked like after they put rocks and candles around the cake. I was really pleased how it turned out. I wished I would have just used butter cream for my friends', Nanette's and Amy's wedding cakes. I guess, you live and learn. I think their cakes would have been better even if I had used pre-made fondant instead of homemade. They weren't that bad though. I still think they looked pretty but they weren't my best work. Maybe I am being a little harsh about it but you are always your worst critic. I don't have a post with Nanette's but I do have one with Amy's. You can see it here.

I took Ayla to the reception. She really enjoyed the rocks.

She also loved standing in front of the AC. She cracks me up!

Front view! I love her hair!

I did make some money from the cakes and between these cakes, and another cake I made a month ago, we had enough money for Christmas presents for Ayla and everyone. And guess what? Yesterday, I pretty much finished all of our Christmas shopping. YEAH!!!! I feel good!

While Ayla and I were shopping yesterday, we picked up an extra family member.

It is a Kitty Cat.
Well, it isn't exactly real but it feels like it is. Have you ever seen the FurReal animals? They move like real animals. While Ayla and I were at Toy R Us, I put her down and showed her this cat. She loved it. I haven't seen her like a toy like she liked this kitty. I couldn't get her away from it. I finally took her away and of course she wasn't happy.

Later, I met up with my mom and my sister, Marion and we went to Walmart. While we were there, I showed them how Ayla loved the kitty. This time the exact same cat had a kitten in the package as a bonus and it was on sale. My sister and I decided to go half and half on it for Ayla for Christmas. We ended up giving it to her right away. We didn't have the heart to put it away until Christmas. She loved it too much. So she got her main Christmas present from her parents and her present from her Aunt, Marion early.

See how she loves it? Ayla constantly Meows all the time now. I even asked her what she wants to name her kitty and she says, "Meow." So I guess the cat's name is Meow!

There is nothing like watching your child enjoy something so much. Her happiness is my happiness.

Merry Christmas early, Sweet Heart!


Suzanne said...

Heather!! Your cakes are so AMAZING!! Very beautiful!! Shaeler loves her furreal pets also. She has played with them all the time, until we got the real thing. -Suzanne

Nanette said...

Hey, we really loved our cake so don't sweat it!
I think the butterfly is my favorite too-adorable. I need a little girl!!!
I always end up giving Murdock his presents early so this year I have resolved not to buy them until last minute. It's just too hard!!! So know I would have done the same thing!

Christy said...

The third Sat is good for me! Where should we go?

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you got her the kitty.
Every girl deserves a cat. :)

I am in love with your cakes Heather! So in love!
You are such a professional!
The butterfly is darling.. and you did supurb on the wedding cake!

Can't wait to see New Moon's! Woot!
Stay Healthy please! I want to see YOU! Love ya!!

Ann Marie said...

Oh and.. Christmas shopping DONE?
What the crap???? Jealous.

Becca said...

you're so talented, heather-those cakes are amazing! that black and white ribbon is perfect :)

Skymiles! said...

Your cakes are always! The butterfly one is magnificent!

{Mo} said...

Ayla is ADORABLE! and your cakes turned out great! and I'm with Ann,
Christmas shopping DONE?
What the crap???? Jealous. ;)

T. L. C. said...

Christmas shopping done?!?!?
Oh I wish sista, let me tell ya....
PLEASE email me your address and I will get to the mail office ASAP

Also, I must say that the butterfly cake is now a new fave! I wish you were here....I would have paid and asked if you could do a cheetah print one for my B-day :)

Oh and LOVe the black and white polka dots!

Me said...

You really are so talented. I love both the cakes! I don't know how you do and I, like Ann, am excited to see what's in store for the New Moon one. I still remember the red was perfect!

Can't wait to see you next week! Yay!

Nancy Face said...

The wedding cake is lovely, and the butterfly cake is absolutely stunning! :D

Coon fam said...

Heather thank you so much for doing Lybee's cake for me,she loved it so much. It turned out so amazing, you are so talented. I didn't want to cut it because it was so darn cute. It was delicious too. Thanks again it was darling!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

Heather! you rock the house girl, i loved the cakes...amazing. cant wait to bake together!! :)
and always so sweet.

TheIcePixy said...

I love you butterfly cake! That is awesome!

I've always been a fan of butter cream over fondant myself.

I bought Lilly a Fur Real baby pig the Easter before last because she loved it so much. It was a totally unplanned purchase and I let her play with it right away because she loved it so much at the store. Then after she went down for her nap that day, I hid it until Easter morning. I think it was still a bit of a surprise. But yeah, she totally saw it before because she was the one who convinced me to buy it.