Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ayla's and Kurt's Party!

Two weeks ago from today, we had Ayla's and Kurt's birthday party. Kurt's birthday is the day after Ayla's so we celebrated them together.

Grandma Perry brought this awesome Mylar balloon.
I don't really like latex balloons right now with Ayla. She tries to bite them and I am scared it is going to pop in her mouth and choke her. So we do Mylar balloons in our house right now.

Here is Kurt's cake that I made him.
I finally got to use the cute cake stand my friend Ann gave me for my birthday.

Here is Ayla's cake.
She is into Snow White right now and I tried to recreate a cake I had when I was little. It had the mining cave and the seven dwarfs. I couldn't get all the seven dwarfs so I just used Grumpy and Dopey. I think it turned out cute. It doesn't look exactly like the cake I had when I was little but pretty close. I wish I had a picture of that cake to compare them. I loved that cake so much that I picked it out twice when I was little.

Here is Ayla with her cake.
I put her in the PJ's Marion got her so she could see her in them. They are so cute on her!

We had both sides of the family there. It filled up the living room.

Here is my dad!

We ate hot dogs and had cake and ice cream.

Ayla with her cake!

Kurt with his!

Here is Ayla blowing out her candles half way through the birthday song! LOL!!
We had to relight them before the song was over. I guess after teaching her to blow her candles out on her birthday, she knew exactly what to do with those candles or she is just a smart girl and was getting 2 birthday wishes in.

She tried to eat the cake right after before we could cut it.

Another view.

We also did gifts.

Here is Brooke giving Ayla their family gift to her.

They gave her a couple of outfits and this cute set of baby stuff. I love this gift because it totally goes with the main gift Kurt and I gave her which was the doll high-chair and bed.

Here she is opening the rest of the dollar gifts Kurt and I got her.
We all had a fun time watching her open her gifts and her reaction to them.

This one was fun to watch her open. It was so big! This one is from Grandma and Grandpa Perry.

What was it, you ask?

It was a roller coaster.
You can see the poster Krista and I made for the Blue and Gold dinner in the background. Yeah, I used it for their party too. It was a bit big and it covered the whole wall but that was what I loved about it.

Here is Ayla riding her roller coaster!

Baby Kurt had a try.
Morganne tried it too but I only got video of her riding it.

The best thing about the roller coaster is Ayla knows how to reload it without any help. Great toy!

The last present she opened was this car. She got this from Grandma and Grandpa Wiechert.
I love how Morganne got into this picture. She is so cute! I love that my parents got this for Ayla because she has been wanting one. She saw one once and I couldn't get her out of it. I took some video of her and she always wants to watch that video. She likes to see herself in the little car. Now she has her own. I would say Ayla made off like a bandit. I can't believe all that she got. It was like Christmas. I guess people just love Ayla and that is what I loved most about the party was the love everyone showed to her.

Kurt didn't open much because he had already got a big present which was a big HDTV. I will have to show that baby some time. His sister did get him a Blu-ray Dvd. It was one of his favorites, The Truman Show.

Below are some pictures of Ayla enjoying her new birthday toys.

Like I said, I love the set of baby stuff she got. It goes with her doll high-chair and bed we gave her.

Here she is sitting on her doll bed feeding her baby.

And here is Elmo as a passenger in her new car.

She didn't want Elmo to miss out on the fun of the roller coaster. She is too cute!

I am glad she had such a wonderful birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it so special!! I love you!!!


Suzanne said...

A Roller Coaster?? How cool is that! That's AWESOME!! The cakes were fabulous as always! I loved the picture of Kurt in the fenced up cage. I figure you do that to keep Ayla away, but it just made me chuckle to see him caged up with his computer. Ha! Have a lovely day! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

The cakes are so darling!

The roller coaster is AWESOME!
Wow! she did get a bunch of great stuff. It should keep her plenty busy! :)

Leah said...

You did such a good job on those cakes. :) I don't blame Ayla for wanting to dig right in...I think I might have done the same thing. Yumm, Yummy

That roller coaster looks like so much fun........

Cherie said...

That is so fun that your husband and Ayla have their birthdays so close together. Again, BEAUTIFUL cakes!!
Oh and I LOVE the cake stand!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful family party - which is THE best and that roller coaster - Holy Moly that is cool!!

P.S. Blogger Meet info. coming VERY soon - so glad you can come :D

TheIcePixy said...

Wow! She got some big toys! A roller coaster even! I didn't even know you could get a roller coaster for your Birthday, that's awesome!