Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can't wait 'til May!!!

I just can't wait until May. You want to know why?

I will tell you why!

First my sister, Marion will be graduating from nursing school!!!

She has always wanted to be a Nurse, ever since we were kids. This will be a huge accomplishment for her. It has taken her a long time to get this because she has had to go through a lot. She started nursing school up in Washington State. She finished 2 years and then she went through a divorce. She moved back to Utah to be with family, so she quit. She lived here for 2 years before being able to get back in the nursing program. This is something that most people don't do, usually if you quit nursing school you won't finish. Now she has finished her last 2 years of school. Having to retake some classes over because they didn't transfer. She has had to work full time to pay her bills and has gone to school full time. Needless to say, she hasn't had much time to herself and you wouldn't believe how much nursing school expects you to do in such a short amount of time. I just can't wait until the stress of nursing school is lifted from her. She won't be so stressed and she will have time to herself.

Then I am going to ask her, "Marion you just graduated nursing school, what are you going to do next?"

Then she will say, "I'm going to Disneyland!"

And I am going with her!
Yes, you heard that right! I am going to Disneyland! We are only going for one whole day but it will be fun. We are going to fly in on a Monday, spend the night, go to Disneyland all day Tuesday, go most of the day Wednesday, then fly home that night.

My sister has never been there so I'm going to use some of our skymiles to pay for the way down there. Our dad is going to be joining us. I couldn't leave him behind. You see the picture above? My dad is the man in the center. That was taken over 2 years ago. It was his, my uncle, Ernie's, my mother's and my nephew, Lane's first time going there. Ever since we went, my dad has wanted to go back so bad and I'm not sure when I will be going there again. I don't want to take Ayla until she is old enough to remember because it costs so much. And when I do, it will probably just be Kurt, Ayla and I and hopefully another child. So that won't be for at least another 3 years. So my dad is coming with us. It will be a short trip but a lot of fun. Besides I can't handle being away from Kurt and Ayla that long.

Next it will be Mother's day and my mother's birthday. I love my mother!
This picture was taken at her party last year. I usually make these T-shirts for her. She loves them.

Then my best friend, Leah and her husband Evan will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary. I am so glad they found each other and that is something to celebrate. They came here last year to celebrate. They live in Tennessee. The picture above was at the Conference Center during their visit. I was so proud of Evan. It was his first time flying. Happy Anniversary! (Even though I am a little early saying this.) I love you guys!!

Then my friend Tierra from Tennessee will be visiting Utah for her first time. Can't wait to see you!
Yes, that is Leah's and Evan's little boy she is holding. This was taken when Ayla and I went to visit them back in November of 2008. It has been a while. We need to go back!

And last but not least, Kurt and I can start to try to have another baby. We have to wait until May for insurance purposes. Way excited though! Like I said, can't wait until May!!

Other things that have made me happy or just have made me laugh,

Kurt bought me a new laptop. Ours crashed about a month ago and now I can blog again. Plus the laptop was not expensive. It only cost $350 which is a great deal. He bought it at Best Buy. It is not a brand name but it is good enough to do what I want, which is blog. That is why he got it for me. My husband is truly the best husband!! I love you honey!

Ayla has made me giggle at the stuff she does!! She did this all on her own.

The other day she made me put this sweater on her and then she put on her poka-dot bloomers. It was quit the outfit! LOL!! I guess she wanted to try out some of the new clothes Grandma Perry got her.

This is a cake I made the other day. It was for the Relief Society's birthday. At least that is what I thought it was for. We had an enrichment on Saturday over at the church and they asked people to sign up to bring cakes. I though it was for the Relief Society's birthday because March is when the Relief Society birthday is. Well, I am always late to Relief Society because I get Ayla settled into nursery and I always miss the announcements. So I went on Saturday, thinking it was a birthday party thing and I went in jeans. Well, when I got there I found out it was a production of the 10 virgins and it was in the chapel and you were supposed to wear your Sunday best. I just had to laugh!! At least the cake turned out right! I also enjoyed the production and had fun!

One more thing that makes me happy is, tax returns. We will be able to pay off our doctor bills with it. You know all the wellness checks your kid goes to. I had a cyst in my hand and now Kurt's back has been giving him issues. He has been going to a chiropractor. Let's just say we don't have the best insurance but at least we have it. Plus now we have to pay for a new computer. Yes, you heard me, a new computer. Kurt's crashed the other day and he uses it to work from home sometimes. First the laptop and then the computer. Oh well, we have been blessed!


TLC said...

Happy I'm coming!!!!!
You have one great month coming soon and I can't wait to hopefully meet your wonderful family!!!!

And as always, the cake looked great. So what if you were there in jeans, I bet you were comfy!!!:)

Cherie said...

I about went into shock when I saw the picture of you and Tierra!!! How cool is that. I didn't realize you two had been real life friends! WOW!! I want to meet her too - I am going to meet you soon so Yayy for March (wink).
Lots of GREAT things for you to look forward to in May - Disneyland will be awesome too with your sister (congrats to her) and you Dad (he is handsome!). You guys will have so much fun!!!

Ann Marie said...

Yay for May!!
I am proud of Marion for sticking with it! Medical school has about done Jeff in also.. and with my Dad's illness.. we can't wait for him to finish all of it in June 2011! We hope he'll get a job here in Utah and be close to us!

I am so HAPPY your going to Disneyland just with your Dad and Marion. You will have the time of your life!!!!

I hope I get to meet Tierra too!
We'll see how it all works out! :)

May is also bringing.. warm temps.. planting flowers.. and Mothers Day! Yay! Yay!

Suzanne said...

I am excited for May, but I would be way more excited if I were you too! That is just so awesome all the wonderful blessings in your life! Truly you are an amazing woman and deserve it all! Have a wonderful day! -Suzanne

TheIcePixy said...

That sweater Ayla is wearing is so cute! I love the ruffles! The cake turned out lovely as well.

ML said...

Wow! Another beautiful cake! I need to take lessons one of these days. Cute pictures, and Disneyland sounds like fun. I'm glad you came the other night. It was fun to visit with you.

Me said...

Wow...I'm sorry...I thought that I commented but I guess I never did.

I'm so excited for you and May. It sounds like we both have a lot going on that month. I'm totally jealous though that your going to Disneyland.

We'll have to get together and plan something for the vistors that will be paying us a visit too. I'm excited about that too.

I hope you have a fantastic day! It was really nice to see you again last weekend.

Connie said...

It was so nice to meet you tonight! You have a cute blog and even cuter family!
Lots of fun things happening for you. I hope they'll all be as exciting as going to Olive Garden and meeting some fabulous women!