Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Wonderful, Easter, Weekend!

It all started on Thursday.
When Ayla and I woke up from our nap, I woke up to:

This, flowers, a bear and a homemade card from Kurt.

The card reads, "It doesn't look like spring outside......" It shows a cat walking in the snow. We get a lot of stray cats in our yard.

Inside it reads, "So I thought I would change that for you on the inside. Happy Easter Honey Bunny! Love, Kurt." He hasn't made me a card in a while so this was a real treat.


Friday morning Ayla and I started the day off at IHOP with my mom, my sister, Marion and my nephew, Lane.

Ayla loves aunt, Marion.

I loved how this picture of Lane turned out! He is such a cutie!

More of Marion and Ayla.

Ayla insisted on caring Aunt Marion's purse. It was a bit heavy for her but she did it.


After breakfast we went out to where my parents live at the new senior citizens center for an Easter egg hunt. My Uncle Ernie goes there every day for something to do. He is retired due to a kidney transplant and he is unable to work. I am glad he has somewhere to go every day.

The egg hunt was to start at 10:00 am. We got there around 9:45 am. They guy in charge told us we had to wait for the Rec Center kids to get there so we waited.

Ayla and Lane had a lot of fun playing together as they waited.

Here is a picture of Me and my sister, Marion waiting.

One of me and Ayla.

They started to get bored. It was about 10:15 am when I took this one.

Ayla showing Uncle Ernie her empty bucket.

Uncle Ernie and Marion.

When the Rec Kids finally got there it was 10:30 am and they started the egg hunt. They first let the 3 to 6 years old kids go first to get a head start. Then they let the older kids go.

Here is Ayla showing Grandma some of her eggs she found.

Looking for eggs.

When the hunt was over, and it was over pretty fast because there were too many kids and not enough eggs, Ayla came out with 5 eggs. I noticed a little boy walking and he only had 2 so I gave him one of Ayla's eggs. Then when I went to see how many my nephew, Lane had, he had none. I found out my mother held him back because she didn't hear the guy call out that the older kids were allowed to go. Lane was so disappointed. So we gave 2 of Ayla's eggs to him. The guy in charge was so sorry. He kept telling me he had extra candy that he could give him. I told him it was alright and that I would include him in on Ayla's Easter egg hunt that Kurt and I were going to have for her. So after we were done there I went to buy more eggs.

Ayla did get a couple pieces of chocolate from her 2 eggs.


Saturday morning, my family came over for breakfast like they always do.

Lane came too and he and my mom dyed Easter eggs.

I love real eggs for Easter. I was happy to have a few real eggs to hide too with the egg hunt we were going to have.

After General Conference, we went to Kurt's parents to have an Easter candy hunt.

Here is Kurt helping Ayla.

Ayla's cute cousins, Morganne and Brooke looking for candy.

Starting to collect.

Taking a moment to talk to Grandma Perry.

Here is one of Baby Kurt looking for candy.

And one of Kurt and me.


That night during the Priesthood session I got to go to dinner and meet some blog friends.

I originally went to meet my friend Cherie from Bakow Babble. She is the one next to me on the top row. I also got to meet 2 new blog friends, Sandra from In This Small House and Connie from I started out as a child. These are the 2 women sitting in the lower left hand corner of the picture next to my good friend Ann from An Old Fashioned Girl. It was a blast! I loved being around these wonderful women! I am happy to call these women my friends!

I love blogging! I have made some good friends through blogging and I have become closer to some of my friends I had already had like Ann.



The Easter bunny came and left presents. He knows Ayla loves to open gifts. Besides, she doesn't need too much candy right now. She's still too little.

In between conference sessions:

We took Ayla outside with her car she got for her birthday.

Here is a picture of the maiden voyage of the car.
The car's first time being outside. The weather was nice.

It was so nice I went inside and got Ayla's jacket instead.

While Kurt pushed Ayla around outside of the yard, in the parking lot. Yes, I said parking lot. We live behind a business building. It is very nice a secluded! Anyways, while they were doing that I hid Easter eggs for her. She had her own Easter egg hunt.

She had a good time!
Every time she found one she would say, "a eah" meaning egg.

After the hunt we went inside and let her open the gifts from the Easter Bunny.
She got a Sleeping Beauty figurine and an outfit. I will have to show you the outfit some time. It is so cute! We each also got our own chocolate Easter Bunny.


That evening, my family came over to have a BBQ.

Me and my dad.
Notice he has glasses too now? He had to get them a few weeks ago. He has gone 60 years without glasses. Now we both have glasses. I think I have had my glasses for a year now. We were both in denial that we were blind. It is good to see. Wouldn't you agree, dad?

Here is how I find Kurt a lot lately, on his phone.
He got a Driod about a month ago and there is so much to do on that phone. It is unbelievable!

After dinner we had one last egg hunt for Lane and Ayla.

Lane had the time of his life!

We hid a total of 72 eggs and some toys for them to find. I guess you could say, this egg hunt made up for the egg hunt at the senior citizens center.

It was a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

Some of the highlights were:

* General Conference -The words of comfort and the beautiful tesitomonies about the Savior and his resurrection.*

*Sharing the Easter Story "Ressurection Eggs" with both sides of the family. It is the story of the Savior's crucifixion and his resurrection told through eggs.*

*Spending time with family.*

*Meeting blog friends.*


Ann Marie said...

Soo glad it was such a happy weekend for you all!

I love Kurt's card. So thoughtful and sweet... and you have lots of stray cats too? Man.. you and Leah.

I had so much fun at the blog meet and greet. THANK YOU for not showing any bad photos.. :) It's depressing to me to see myself on camera.. That can't be what I look like! :(

I am sick today.. and I'm sure it's going to go through the whole family.. so I'm not sure I will be there on Friday at Marlene's. Please tell everyone HI! I would love to see Alethea.. and some of the other girls! Get their numbers!!!

Cherie said...

Heather!!! It sounds like you had a SUPER great Easter! I really really love the card your hubby made you. Men usually do not go to so much extra effort for things like cards - He's a keeper!!

It was THE GREATEST to finally meet you! You are a sweetheart and it just makes me look forward to our blogger meet even more to know all you ladies. I think we could have talked all night - Such a fun dinner!!!
Thanks for being there!

TheIcePixy said...

That is so sweet that Kurt always gives you flowers. That card was sweet too.

Ayla is so adorable! Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend. :]

Connie said...

You had a great weekend! So glad you shared it in pictures! What a cutie little Ayla is!

It was so fun to meet you at the dinner! We should do that more often!

Have a wonderful day!

Jared and Laura said...

Looks like a great Easter! I love Kurt's homemade cards - they're great. Ayla is such a doll...great pictures of all the fun events!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ayla is soooo cute! And SUCH a fun Easter!

ML said...

Such cute pictures! I love the cards Kurt makes you. They're so funny and creative. He does a good job.