Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am so grateful I worked at ATG!

I worked out at the airport for 8 years. When I left, I was so burnt out and felt relief. I thought I had wasted my time there but as I look back, everything I have today is a result of working there. It was there where I met most of the friends I have now. Some being some of my closest friends.

It was there I met my second missionary in my life who got me to read the Book of Mormon which changed my life completely. I had very good friends there too that were missionaries to me. One of them being my good friend, Ann. Because of these missionary experiences, I met my wonderful husband and had my beautiful little girl.

This past Friday, I had the privilege of having dinner with some of my friends from Air Terminal Gifts. A couple of them hadn't seen me since before I converted to the Church. It was so nice to report to them and tell them I was married in the temple and that I was an active member and loving every moment of it. That I have never been so happy in my life than I am right now.

I am so grateful I had dinner with these wonderful women who mean so much to me. We plan to do more pot luck dinners in the future. I look forward to them.

Here are some of the great women from ATG.
L to R : Arlene, Ayla and me, Alethea, Patty, Marline and Adora.

Heavenly Father puts people in our lives to guide us and to comfort us!


Nanette said...

We are SO happy you worked there too!

Cherie said...

Heather that is so GREAT! I love your story.

And I totally agree - Heavenly Father does put people in our path to help us through this life :D

Ann Marie said...

Dude.. I 2nd this post!!

My best friends.. my husband.. it all came from there!!

ATG Was a great experience in my life. I am GRATEFUL I don't work there anymore.. but boy do I miss everyone!

We need an ATG reunion I say!!!
It's good to see Marlene and Alethea. Those are the only 2 in the picture that I knew.. :)

Wish I could have been there! I look forward to more parties in the future!

Chad and Clair said...

That's a sweet story. Everything happens for a reason, or at least we are supposed to learn from everything that happens. Hope you guys are doing good!

Small House said...

"Heavenly Father puts people in our lives to guide us and to comfort us!"

I believe that 100%!!! I don't think things happen just because... We're left to make all things work for our own good! Sometimes tricky.

Glad you had fun.

Leah said...

I agree with Ann....we do need to have an ATG reunion. :)

I also got a lot out of working there.....let's just say the pay wasn't that great, but the friendships I've kept are now priceless. :)

It's kind of funny how we never know why we are the places we are, until later....and we can see the BIG picture and it makes more sense. I am so thankful for those moments :)


The Hartle's said...

Good friends are so nice to have! So glad we can keep in touch!

Erin said...

wow i had no idea that you used to work at the airport. Matt has worked there for 15 years+. and did you know June Russel? small little world.

Connie said...

Sometimes when we're in the middle of life, we fail to see the benefit until we look back. Wonderful thoughts. How fun to get together with the people you worked with.