Saturday, April 10, 2010

Watch Ayla Grow #6!

This post is long over due. Actually I was supposed to do this post over a month ago. You see, I always do a monthly post about my daughter on how she has grown and the things she has learned. Then every 4 months I do a Watch Ayla Grow post. Sometimes I combined the 2 depending on what month it is. This post is one of those combined post.

Here is Ayla at 20 months.

Here she is at 21 months.
Don't you just love the toy mess? Boy can she make a mess!

22 months moving her table from the kitchen after having cereal.

23 months
I love her eyes in this one!

Here she is at 2 years old with her cute cousin Morganne.
They like to hide in this cupboard.

Ayla turned 2 this past February.

She wieghed 22 lbs 8 oz. and was 33 i/2 inches tall.
She gained very little and she grew very little from the month before. At her 24 month check up they said she is starting to get back on the curve that most kids start to slow down now and average out to be about the same.

In her 24th month she started to take pictures with the camera.

Here is one that she took of herself.
Kurt and I couldn't stop laughing!!!

She also decided that opening mail is like opening presents.
Now every time I get the mail I let her open it. She loves it! She always gets excited to open the bills and show us what it is!

Now for the second part of this post.

Like I said, I like to do a Watch Ayla Grow post every 4 months but you really can't see her grow that much so I decided to do a more drastic Watch Ayla Grow post and then you can see how much she really has grown.

Here she is at 2 days old.
Ready for her first car ride home from the hospital.

Here she is at 4 months.
Oh, how I miss this rainbow dress!

Here she is at 8 months starting to crawl.

Here she is at 12 months.
I made that Kermit shirt for her for her birthday party.

Here she is at 16 months playing in the water for her first time.

Here she is at 20 months trying fry sauce for her first time and, I might add, it was Arctic Circle fry sauce. Yummy!

Here she is at 24 months in her Tinkerbell costume that she got for Christmas. She sure loves Tinkerbell now.

And here she is now at 25 months.
She is wearing her Easter dress. I love this picture!

She now weighs 23 lbs and is 34 1/2 inches tall.
She gained the rest of the pound and grew a whole inch. I guess she was trying to make up for last month.

She has started to talk in sentences sometimes. She doesn't say things clearly but people tell me not to worry, even her doctor. We are having her hearing tested just to be sure she is hearing correctly. Just to be safe.

It has been the most rewarding thing to be able to watch my little girl grow! I only wish she would slow down!


Small House said...

OH....she is adorable!!!! So cute, you should really brag on her all the time!!!

Hope you've had a good week.

Nanette said...

What a lovely little lady you have there!
It's amazing how fast they grow and just how exhausted they can make you at this age, but I'm with you-I wouldn't change a thing!

Skymiles! said...

I love the baby pictures...that is the little Ayla I remember! It is crazy to see how grown up she is now, I wouldn't worry about her having clear speech at two, two-word combinations are pretty normal, as are some sound errors. Sentences are great. BUT if you are worried, getting a hearing test done is a wonderful idea!

The Hartle's said...

I still cant believe our little stinkers are 2!!! So much fun, but so sad! Ayla is such a doll!

Connie said...

I love her self-portrait! It makes me laugh too. She is adorable and such beautiful eyes! Enjoy every moment, as you already know, it goes by WAY too quickly!