Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I have been wanting to post all week!

It brings me great pleasure to post something! I have been wanting to post things all week but haven't had the chance. I have been busy making invitations for my sister's graduation, getting addresses, sending them out and with other things. This post isn't that long and it is mostly pictures. Enjoy!

First off, our wacko yard!

We mowed our yard for the first time last Friday. It was seriously a jungle.

Below are some before and after pictures.


Much better but now we need a weed eater or an edger.




Better but we need an edger.

Now for the weeds.

Last year I cleared out my flower beds of weeds and they kept growing back, so I would pull them again. Now this year they look even worse. I have never been a gardener. I have never really learned how to plant anything. My question to all of you is, how in the world do you get rid of weeds without toxins? I don't want anything harmful around Ayla. I have got to clean these babies out soon because my sweet neighbor is going to share some of her flowers from her garden with us.

Even though our yard is crazy, it has brought me a few presents I didn't know about because we didn't live here last spring.

Tulips growing in random places!

They have brought me joy seeing them.
I asked Kurt to watch out for them while mowing.

Because, like I said, they are in the most random spots.

We also have had blossoms in our yard!

This is what it looks like going into our yard with the blossoms. I loved it!
Now the blossoms are gone due to the weather we have had. :(

It has been warm lately though. We brought out Ayla's swing and the slide. It brings me happiness to see her play on them!

It has been so warm that in the evenings we have brought Ayla out. And yes those are Easter eggs. We play Easter egg hunts all month. Kurt hid the eggs this time. I love how he used the tulips! How fun!

Here is Ayla staring at a bug. I loved this picture!

I love spring!

Another reason to love spring is, the baby animals that are born. Last Saturday, Kurt's aunt invited us over to the farm to look at the baby animals and feed them.

All the kids got the chance to feed the baby calf. This was Brooke's turn. So cute!

Yes, Ayla had her turn too!

So fun!

The kids also got to see a baby goat that the neighbors brought out.

They also got to hold some baby chicks.
Here is cute little Morganne with a yellow chick!

This one was a baby rooster.

Grandma Perry putting the rooster in Ayla's hand.
I love how Morganne looks in this picture, so happy!

In the hand.

Holding it on her own.

Not quite sure what to think.

I held the baby rooster too.

Even with all those animals, Ayla still paid attention to the kitty.

The last thing I wanted to blog about was:

I bought me some new pretty shoes! Do you like them? I do! I love them and I love that they only cost $8 at Payless.

Thanks for letting me get my posts out!! Have a great weekend!


Ann Marie said...

What fun pictures!

I love your new shoes.. and it looks like you will be busy in the yard this year! I love it.. :)

I was hoping you would show the picture Kris took of Ayla.. Hope to see it soon.. and hope your feeling better!

Connie said...

I love Spring too! Isn't it amazing what a good lawn mowing will do for a yard? That reminds me, I need to get off the computer and get my yard work done.
Love your shoes. You have darling little feet. My amazon feet don't look good in cute shoes!
Cute pictures of Ayla. She's a little cutie!
Have a great Saturday!

Cherie said...

Yards can be so much work but they are so worth it in the end.
The pink blossoms are SO pretty. I wish they would last longer too!

Love the little farm. I bet Ayla had a great time.

Super cute pictures Heather :D

Christy said...

Your yard looks great! I love tulips. I was just telling Quinton that I want to plant tulips for next summer! We need to get together soon!

Leah said...


You need to go get some of that black tarp stuff you put down to keep the weeds from growing. We put that down in our front yard around our shrubs. (call me if you have a question) after you put the tarp stuff down.......MULCH!!! really, it's worth EVER penny. :) it's the best stuff ever! The weeds can never root and it's easy cheesy to pull them up.

I love your post...Ayla with all of the baby animals....TOO CUTE!


Suzanne said...

Your yard looks wonderful! LOVE the new shoes! Baby chicks are so cute! I am actually on the hunt for egg laying chickens that people don't want anymore from Easter. If you hear anything, let me know! Have a lovely day! -Suzanne