Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few things I want to blog about

I can't keep up with blogging right now! I am only getting to it once a week so be patient with me. I will try and get to your blogs to read them. I do love reading them! So much has been going on! I wanted to post about a few things real quick because I am getting behind on the things I have been wanting to post. So here they are.

First off I posted my 200th post 8 posts ago!
This post is number 208!

My sister, Marion took her last test for her license and she passed! She is officially a Nurse now!!! Good job, Marion!!! I am proud of you!

I finally got a hair cut! Thanks again, to my good friend, Melissa!

Remember my lonely flower?

I planted more of them!
I am proud of my job, being that it is my first flower garden!

A couple of Sundays ago, me and my friend, Ann got to meet our blogging friend, Nancy Face!!!

And Nancy is just as cute and funny as she is on her blog. I loved meeting her!!! She is so fun!

And of course we had to pull a Face!
Nancy's blog is so fun! Her and her family always do things together and they love to pull faces. It is so hilarious! I love it! Nancy always pulls the best faces!

I also got to meet a new blog friend, Klin. She is the one on the other side of Nancy. She also was so fun to meet!

Here is one with the four of us!

I got to go to Youth conference and part of it was Trek.
Trek is where people get to experience a glimpse of what the pioneers went through. You get to dress up as pioneers and push hand carts in assigned families. Usually it is a 3 to 4 day thing but this one was a 1 day trek. It was pretty intense though; we pushed the carts up a mountain! And I mean a mountain! It was the most laborious thing I have ever done!

Oh, just a couple of things. First, I was able to borrow these trek pictures from a friend of mine named Cory Milligan. He was nice enough to let me get them from his facebook. And second, do you see my apron in the picture above? I made it out of a curtain. I was so proud of myself. I do plan on blogging about it sometime.

You can see the kind of carts we pushed in this picture.

This was our Trek guide.
He was so much fun! He had such a good attitude and you could tell he loves doing what he does.

This is how we had to pull the carts.
The carts weighed 150 lbs by themselves and we had water and food in the carts as well. It took at least 5 people at a time to push the carts when we started to climb the mountain. I was told by the assistant Trek guide that the pioneer's carts weighed a good 500 lbs when loaded.

This was how the trail started out and it was hard enough to pull the carts then.

And then we pulled them up the mountain. You can't tell in this picture but it is pretty steep. Cory is the one on the far right of this picture in the hat. He is the one I borrowed the pictures from. Thanks Cory!

We were so exhausted when reached the top!
I am in the middle of this picture standing in between the carts next to the boy in the yellow shirt.

You can kind of see how high we were at that point.
They then taught us how it felt when women pioneers had to pull their own carts. They made us women pull some carts up the steepest part of the trail without help from the men. The men were told to stand off to the side of the trail and they were not able to say anything. This really effected us all! Trek was truly an amazing experience! It was a very humbling experience. I can't stopped thinking about the pioneers now. I am truly grateful for their sacrifices!

And last but not least, I wanted to post about my sweet aunt, Ruth!

This was taken 2 years ago on the 4th of July.

A year before this picture was taken we found out that we were pregnant at the family BBQ. Aunt Ruth was even at that BBQ. A few days later, Ruth was told she had breast cancer. She was in remission last year and, shorty after that summer, they found cancer in her bones. It had spread. She has been doing really well until recently. She has now been put on hospice. It has helped with the pain. But now I am just asking for your prayers for her comfort and comfort for my family. We love Ruth dearly!

It feels good to get some things posted! I am so behind! I still have our Memorial Day post to do.


The Hartle's said...

Looks like so much fun! And I love the hair do!

Ann Marie said...

Marion is so cute!!!

Loved being with you to meet Nancy!

I am so sorry about your Aunt Ruth. It breaks my heart....

Seeing little Ayla in her 4th of JUly clothes is sooo cute! I want to kiss her!!

Yay for Melissa cutting your hair!
Doesn't a new hair cut feel awesome???? Love you!!

Cherie said...

Your new haircut is so stinkin cute! Love it!

Glad you got to experience a Trek -
I LOVE going on Trek it is such a neat experience whether you do it one day or a week - Love the pioneers and the spirit!! (Love your apron you clever woman!!).

So sorry about your Aunt Ruth. Hoping she is comfortable and wishing your family peace.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

woah that looked hard!-i dont know how they did it man.
so ok sunblock?? that is awful....i'd google sensitive kinds.
and yes! lets hang i miss you guys!
when is a good time for u/

Connie said...

Your hair is sassy! Love it!
I admire you for doing the trek! Even though it was "pretend" it looks like such hard work! No wonder the pioneers had to come from hearty stock!
Congrats on the flower garden and your 208th post!

Christy said...

- Hair and garden = So cute!
- Your sister is so cute, and that is awesome she is a nurse. What an accomplishment.
- Trek looks hard and reminds me I never would have made it as a pioneer!
-Thoughts and prayers to your aunt!

Small House said...

Cute haircut....wonderful flower bed....and the trek??? I LOVE THE TREK!!! Glad you could go and enjoy.
Have a great day.

Nancy Face said...

I read this right after you posted it, but I didn't have time to write a proper comment then...

Yay for more than 200 posts!

Congrats to Marion!

Love your haircut. LOVE IT!

Flowers are so much happier surrounded by lots of friends! Yay!

It was sooo much fun meeting you! I just LOVED it! Thanks for all the sweet things you said about me!

I am so sorry your Aunt Ruth is so seriously ill.

Treks are wonderful! I'm glad you got to be part of one! In 2006, just a month before Lauren graduated from high school, Kris Face and I were Ma and Pa on the Trek our stake did. Lauren was already 18 and said she didn't have to go (she HATES camping!) but we made her go anyway, haha! We did ours along a large stretch of land about an hour from where we live, and it was part of the Mormon Battalion trail. It was pretty hot out there in the desert in April...I suffered serious "sweaty bonnet hair" haha! :D