Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I have been away from the blog world and facebook during the month of May!

Other than my sister, Marion's graduation, Disneyland and the Manti Temple, I have been extremely busy this past month and I am still going. This post will sum up what I have been busy with during the month of May and so far this month.

Are you ready for this?

Here goes:

First off, our Yard.

My sweet Dad came over at the beginning of the month and helped me pull the weeds out of my flower beds and plant some plants. He did most of the weeding. Thanks Dad! I took before and after pictures.


Our sweet neighbor gave us some of her wild flowers from her garden.


I've only planted the flowers I got for Mother's Day from the church so far. I do plan on buying more flowers when I get some time. I will show them too, once I plant them.


I'm proud of this one. I have never planted a garden and I planted a small one just for starters. There are only 3 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants. They are doing well and are starting to give us fruits for our labors.


My 2 sister-in-laws and I took the kids to Hollywood Connection again. Monday's are the best price there. It is only $6.95 for a ride pass and kids under 3 are free.

Kurt and Ayla started to put there hands up on every ride.

They are too cute.


My mother's birthday.
We had a party but I didn't take pictures.

But I did make her a cake.


I had a friend from Tennessee stay with us for 4 nights.

This is Tierra

We did a lot while she was here.

We went to a party at Ann's so Tierra could meet all her blog friends. It was a good time!

This is me and my friend, Monica.
I used to work with her at the airport too, just like Ann.

Monica made this cute banner for Tierra!

And of course I made her a cake.

Her with her cake.

*While she was with me, we also went with Ann to dinner one night and went to visit her dad. He is such a wonderful man!*

*We visited the Salt Lake Cemetery to see the prophets graves that are there*

*We visited Temple square*

*She was even here for my Lost party!*

Yeah, you heard me. I had a Lost party! I love the TV show Lost! I have never liked a show that much. I love it enough to throw a Lost party! It wasn't a very big party but I had people over to watch the last episode.

I made a cake.

I made a few refreshments for watching the last episode.
If you are a Lost fan you know that the Apollo candy bar is the Lost candy bar. You see it through out the show during different seasons. And I made Dharma lime soda and popcorn.

I also made some T-shirts.
I only made them for me and Krista. She shares my passion for Lost!

My Dad was there.

And my uncle.

I thought this was a cool picture.

Dad and Ernie had the best seats.

Here is Ayla trying to finish off the soda a few days later.

I also did something cool for Memorial Day but I want to put that in its own post.


Last Friday, Krista and I took the kids to the Zoo for their first time this year.

I was surprised that the baby elephant is still so tiny.

I love the drinking fountains there!

With the Giraffes.

I thought it was cool when the giraffe did this! I had to take a picture!

And of course we took the kids on the carousel.
This is such a cute picture of Morganne and Ayla!


Them on the train.
Can you see little baby Kurt behind them? So cute!


Last but not Least, my niece Angie got married this past Monday. She is my brother, Robert's step daughter.

I made their cake.
She wanted it to be like the cake I made my sister for her graduation.

Here is Ayla at the wedding before it started.

The couple cutting the cake.

So there you have it. Yard work, cakes, parties, family outings, hosting and a wedding. I think I got every thing! So now you know where I have been!

My next couple of post should be my Memorial Day event and I want to do a Lost review. I know Lost is over but I still want to share my feelings about it. I just haven't had the time as you can see.


TLC said...

My friend...I DO NOT know how you do it all!

Words are not enough to say Thank You for having me for 4 days and being so hands down awesome! Right down to our mad dash to get me to the airport!!!

I still think it's too cute that I saw the last show of Lost without ever seeing anything else.

Thank You again!!!!!
Now, Come back to TN!!!!

amber hawkins warren said...

WOW I cannot believe how big Ayla is - that's crazy. I love her fantastic hair.

Christy said...

wow heather! You have been busy! I missed your posts :)

Nanette said...

Busy is always good!

Ann Marie said...

I have been sooo busy too!
I know I have been a TERRIBLE friend.. sorry!!

LOVE all of the pictures! Your picture at my house with Tierra turned out better than mine did!

I LOVE-LOVE your lost cake. I think it's the best I have seen! There was one in People magazine.. and this one is WAYYYYY better looking! -- The drinks.. shirts..candy.. AWESOME!

Grateful you are enjoying summer!
See ya Sunday!

Leah said...

HOLY WEEDS!!! You weren't kidding. I don't think I have ever seen that big of weeds EVER.

That lost cake is AWESOME. I didn't know you liked lost. I'm sure you've talked about it. I guess it's like me and survivor. :)

The wedding cake is really pretty too. You need to post that on facebook. I love looking at all of your cakes. You do such a good job.

I've missed your post. Glad you've been busy, but I'm hoping things will slow down a bit.


ps. I can't wait to take Noah to the zoo. I think he'll love it.

The Hartle's said...

Oh my, you have been a busy girl! Looks like fun and your yard looks great!

Cherie said...

Heather! Woman you definately have been busy! I enjoyed catching up on all the things you have been doing:)
I am especially loving all the pictures of your visit with Tierra! Love the cake, the banner Mo made and all the fun things you girls did. I wish I could have been there!
Ayla is getting so big! On the train and the other ride holding her arms up...so cute!
Your yard is looking great btw - it feels good to get the weeds cleaned up and things planted. I think you are going to have a ton of tomatoes with 3 plants!
Keep enjoying summer and your family!!!