Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brooke's and Morganne's birthday party at the Discovery Gateway!

Last month we celebrated our nieces, Brooke's and Morganne's birthdays at the Discovery Gateway. It was my first time ever being there. Kurt had taken Ayla once before while I was at girl's camp. We had such a great time! I loved it!

I made Brooke's and Morganne's cakes. Morganne had been asking for a Super Mario cake since October. So of course that is what I made her.

I thought the cake turned out awesome even before I put the figurines on!

This was definitely one of my favorites cakes, I have done!

Brooke wanted an ocean seen with a Pokemon coming out of the water.
Brooke said it was exactly what she wanted. I was happy because her cake was so simple to make and she loved it!

We had the party in the birthday room at the Discovery Gateway.

Kurt and Morganne in their pirate costumes!
It was a pirate themed party.

Brooke with her cake!

Discovery Gateway had activities suited for a pirate party. We made pirate hats.

I also made one for me. I really was blind while taking this picture because I had my glasses off and could only see out of one eye.

This is me and Lana!

Me and Traci!
Lana and Traci are in Kurt's parent's ward. Kurt and I lived with his parents when we were first married so we were in that ward. It was so nice to see Lana and Traci!

The kids got to go on a Treasure Hunt that the Discovery Gateway put together. This is a picture of Brooke reading the next clue.

After the Treasure Hunt we all ate pizza!

What a cute little pirate!

Morganne with her friend, Brooke. What cute pirates they are! I was impressed that my sister-in-law, Krista was able to get Morganne a wheat free pizza. Morganne is allergic to wheat.

After we ate we had cake!
I love that one of the staff was dressed as a pirate!

Brooke making her wish!

Morganne, while we were all singing "Happy Birthday."

Happy birthday girl with her cake! This is what makes all the time making a cake worth it!

I also made some wheat free cupcakes for Morganne so she could still have cake.

Ayla enjoying her cake!

Morganne still got a piece of her cake, of course she only ate the frosting. I love the look on her face in this picture!

Then they opened gifts!
This was the only picture I got of them with their gifts. I had to get one of Morganne with all the Mario stuffed animals she got.

And I had to get a picture of the little pirate with Jack Sparrow!

After the party in the birthday room we all went out to play in the Discovery Gateway. I couldn't believe how many things were there for children to play with. I am only going to share a few.

This is Ayla in the ball area. They have a whole area for just balls. You can put them down holes and watch them travel through tubes. They even have a tube that sucks up the balls like a bank drive up.

Ayla playing the huge xylophone!
I think that is what you would call it.

The have a playhouse that kids could play in. This is the living room. Notice the little mouse hole?

This is what is in the mouse hole. I thought it was cute!

Ayla at the kitchen table in the playhouse.

They had a whole section where kids could play in water.

But Ayla's favorite was...

shopping at the little supermarket they had.

Ayla would go shopping and then Kurt would check her out.

Then she would put the groceries in the back of this jeep and act like she is driving away.

Kurt in the jeep.
Notice the food in the back! LOL!

Ayla had so much fun shopping that when we left, she threw the biggest fit I have ever seen her throw. I am a little afraid to take her back there.

So now guess what Ayla loves to play?

You guess it! Shopping!
We set up the living room like a store for her and check her out in the kitchen with a keyboard.

I adore the Discovery Gateway now! I think the next time we go there, we will leave before Ayla is at her breaking point!


Suzanne said...

I, myself have to admit that I have never been to Discovery Gateway either. Looks like a ball whenever I see pics. Great job with the cakes, (as always). I have been meaning to ask you, I have people asking me all the time if I know anyone that makes cakes. Would you like me to refer your name or just enjoy your talents quietly? Just curious! Also, let me know if you are serious about the Disney Movie Club. If I refer a friend, I get a free movie. This is serious business!! LOL! -Suzanne

Krista said...

Morganne spent months talking about how you were going to make her a Mario birthday cake, and now, almost a month later, she still talks about how awesome it was. She plays with the Mario figures all the time! :)

Skylee said...

super awesome cakes! I can't wait until Cyrus is old enough to go to Discovery Gateway and really understand what is going on...maybe next year.

M-Cat said...

The Discovery at Gateway is AWESOME! I took Sissy there last year, but I freaked over all the germs. Need to get past that

The girls look happy and of course the cakes are FAB!

gigi said...

Girl! You are good!! Those cakes are wonderful! Way cute!
I love birthday parties! I love birthday cake better! I think cake is a food group! I loved that you added so many pictures of such cute kids in their party outfits!
Have a happy weekend!

Garden of Egan said...

That cake is darling!!! You are so talented!

It looks like the perfect party!
The Discovery Center looks amazing.

Ayla looks like she's loving the cake.
She's so cute!

Tiffany said...

SO impressed with the cakes, you did GREAT!! We LOVE Discovery Gateway!!

Nancy Face said...

What an amazing party! I love LOVE the Super Mario cake, and I know my son Zach would love it too! :)