Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lane's Birthday!

Our nephew, Lane's birthday was on the 6th of February. We celebrated it on the 5th, at my sister, Marion's house.

I made an "Iron Man" cake.

Ayla adores Marion's dog, Buckle.
I love that Buckle is so tame and puts up with Ayla.

Smile Buckle!

Cute girl!

I love how Ayla is cuddling up to Lane!

Ayla making herself at home!

Ernie and Dad!

My brother didn't believe me that he could swing his arms in front of my awesome little camera and that it would still turn out clear.

The birthday boy loved his cake!
I can't believe he is 14! Where has the time gone?

Lane got "How to Train your Dragon" from us and he made bank with every one else giving him money.

We had a great time! I love you Lane!


gigi said...

I love birthday parties and i LOVE CAKE! You did and awesome job on this one!

Ann Marie said...

I love your cakes!!
Ayla's hair looks cute pulled back..
Have the Happiest week on earth! Love ya!!

Garden of Egan said...

The cake is so stinking cute! You are so very talented!

It looks like everyone had a great time.

I think I wouldn't have wanted to cut the cake, it's way too cute.

M-Cat said...

Love the cake! I am always amazed at your talent. I with Gigi - I don't know that I could have cut it!

Nancy Face said...

What a cool Iron Man cake! I love seeing your fabulous work! :)

Lane shares the same birthday as my daughter Lauren!