Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ayla's and Kurt's Party!

I just got back from a vacation with my little family, so I have been gone for a week. I will tell you where we went at the end of this post.

Anyway, Ayla's birthday was on the 25th and Kurt's was on the 26th, so we were gone during their birthdays. We celebrated their birthdays on the 18th, before we left on our trip.

Here is Ayla's cake!
She insisted about a month ago, that she wanted hamsters on her cake, so that is what she got. I made the hamster bedding out of crushed ice cream cones. The hamsters are battery operated and so they move. Check out the video, of this cake at the end of this post, to see it in motion. It turned out really cute but I was kind of with my sister on being a little grossed out about eating the cake.

Here is Kurt's cake!

Here is Uncle, Ernie and my Dad. Don't you love the "Happy Birthday" sign? I know I am such a great decorator, hee, hee!

We had hot dogs for dinner for every one.

Ayla after her hot dog!

Then we opened presents! Here is the after math! What a mess!

Ayla got a little cash register from her Aunt, Marion and Uncle, Monty.

She got a lot of shopping things because that is what Ayla is into lately. This is the shopping cart that Kurt and I got her. Marion is putting it together. On the floor in the left hand corner you can see the hop scotch, "Tinkerbelle", floor mat Kurt's parents got her.

My Mom holding the bunny that her and my Dad got her.

Me and Lane Brain!
I am not to found of this picture of me but it is a good one of Lane.

Little Kurt, staring at Ayla's cake, too cute!

The kids had fun playing with Ayla's new shopping toys!

Here is Morganne with the shopping cart!

Then we had cake!
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Kurt first! Can you count how old he is?

He did a great job! He got all of his candles out in one breath!

I didn't get a picture of Ayla and her cake because we filmed it.

Below are 2 videos of Ayla and her cake. The first one shows the hamster running on the wheel and the second video show us singing to Ayla. I really love the second video! You can really see how excited Ayla was! It is really a cute video of her trying to put out her candles!

We had a great party! And do you want to know where we went on vacation?


We went there because Ayla was turning 3 and kids are free at Disneyland if they are under 3. Which was probably not a good idea, being President's Day week but that is a whole other story, I will share in the coming posts of our trip.


Garden of Egan said...

Wow! She got to go to Disneyland! Woohoo for Ayla! Lucky girl.

It looks like both birthdays were a rousing success. Ayla looks like she totally scored.

You are so clever with the cakes! My goodness, what a talent.
Not sure I would have wanted a hamster cake either!

ML said...

I LOVE the hamster cake! That's adorable! You are so talented and creative. I never would have thought of that. It looks perfect!

Ann Marie said...

Ya.. the hampster cake is soo adorable and creative.. but no way would I eat it. It would even be worse if you put a few little tiny chocolate chips on there.. to look like droppings! lol! I am sick.

I think you should submit it to Cake Wrecks. Even though it was perfect for her.. it's so weird. hahahahaha!

I am always amazed at your fine cake decorating skills. I am happy for your trip.. and even some jealous!

Nancy Face said...

WOW! A moving hamster on a wheel? You are Wonder Woman, woo hoo!

I would TOTALLY eat a hamster cake, even if it had chocolate chip poop added! :D