Friday, March 4, 2011

Disneyland trip! Part 1

I am going to try and post our Disneyland trip in 3 post. This is the first one.

I drove the whole trip! This was a huge accomplishment for me! You see I have major driving anxiety! There was supposed to be snow storms all the way down to St. George, so I was very nervous! The weather turned out to be great, there were a few snow flurries and there was some fog but other than that, it was beautiful!

We split up the road trip into 2 days. The first night we stayed at "Buffalo Bills" in Primm Valley.

This was Ayla's first time in a hotel. She loved it! She was so excited! It was cute!

I took a picture of the pool from our room. I thought it was cool!

For food on our trip, we brought all our food with us. I brought our waffle iron, toaster and George Foreman grill. It turned out great! It saved us a ton of money in food. Not to mention, it was nice to just eat in the rooms we stayed in and not have to contain Ayla at restaurants. I think it was worth it and I will do it again!

The drive to California from Primm took 6 hours, the same amount of time it took us to drive from Salt Lake to Primm. I couldn't believe it because it is about 430 miles from Salt Lake to Primm and it was only about 230 miles from Primm to Anaheim. There was traffic all the way there. It was because it was President's Day week, something I didn't realize when I booked this trip. I will never go the week of President's Day again!

We got to California after it was dark but we still took Ayla to see the ocean, so we went to Newport beach. This time I had Kurt drive, I was tired of driving.

Kurt and Ayla.
The ocean is behind them but you can't see it.

Ayla loved playing in the sand!

The next morning was the first day we went to Disneyland! Ayla woke up with a cough. This was the day Ayla felt the best.

Something we found out while we were at Disneyland is Southern California gets the whole week off the week before President's Day and the Northern part gets the whole week off the week of President's Day. Luckily we weren't there on President's Day but it still was packed. We still had a good time though!

So here goes the 1st day.....

We tried to meet Dale but he was getting ready to go on break. Ayla loves Chip and Dale! Dale did walk up to her and put his hand on her back.

First thing we did was take Ayla to Tarzan's tree, while we were on our way to "Pirates of the Caribbean." Pirates was the first ride I ever rode on at Disneyland the first time I went there on our honeymoon. It now holds a special place in my heart and is my favorite ride! It is now the first ride I try to go on when I go to Disneyland. It has become a tradition with me. This was the 4th time I had been to Disneyland. I was afraid Pirates would scare Ayla. She did grab my arm at one point but she did really well!

Ayla and Kurt with Tarzan!

After our time in New Orleans Square we went to Fantasyland.

Kurt and Ayla in front of the castle.

Ayla loved the Tea cups!

After our time in Fantasyland we went to Toontown.

I love this picture of Kurt and Ayla in Toontown!

Ayla and I while we were waiting to ride the "Gadget's Go Coaster!" We waited 30 minutes.

A video of Ayla while on the coaster!

Then Ayla got to meet Pluto!

Here is our picture with Pluto!

Ayla loved this car!

We did eventually go on "It's a Small World."

The last ride we rode was "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters." I like this picture! It looks like Ayla and Buzz are looking at each other.

After you get off of the "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters" you exit right next to the gift shop, of course. Ayla picked out Weezy!

I had to take a picture of Ayla in Mickey Ears! She looks so tired in this picture because she was and she was starting to not feel good.

Kurt and Ayla crashed in the hotel room pretty quick!

That night Ayla woke up with a slight fever. She was not feeling well. I went driving around Anaheim at 4 am, trying to find medicine for her but nothing was opened. I learned something that night, you need to pack medicine for your kiddos when you go on a trip. This was our first trip as a family and I didn't think to pack any. I guess you live and learn! I learned 2 things that day, one, pack medicine and second, do my research on the busiest time of the year at Disneyland next time we go. We did end up riding a about 11 rides that day, which is still pretty good, I thought. We really enjoyed it that day as a family together, which is the whole reason we were there!

Stay tuned for more.....


The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

Yeppiee for Disneyland :) I loved all of your pictures, it makes me want to go back. But I will take your advice and NEVER go on President's Day or week :)

Can't wait to see the other posts.


Parker said...
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Garden of Egan said...

It looks like it was an exciting time! Sorry she got sick. Hopefully not enough to ruin the trip.

I look forward to more pix!

Ann Marie said...

Yes.. I don't leave ANYWHERE without meds for the kids. It's a must.

I still think it's funny that you packed ALL of your food. I am on vacation to relax.. and that doesn't look relaxing to me.. but way to go on saving!!

I LOVED all of the pictures.. I love reading about others trips.. and I look forward to the rest!!

Christy said...

Ah! I love disney land! This last time I went was the first time trying to met the characters and I thought it was frustrating. It seemed like they were always about to go on break! It was worth it and I cried when Carter ran to Micky and kissed him, I am kinda a dork but it was just one of those mom moments. Cant wait to see the rest of your trip!

Tiffany said...

Where did you stay?? We are going in May!! You are smart to pack all your food, but I don't know if I want to do all that work when we go ;)can't wait to hear/see more!

Connie said...

The Happiest Place on Earth! Such cute pictures and videos. No wonder she was so tired at the end of the day. So sorry she had to wake up sick! I hope it didn't ruin the rest of the trip. Looking forward to more pictures.

Nancy Face said...

I like taking my own food on trips, too. It takes lots of planning to prepare for it, but you're right, it saves a TON of money! You can also eat a lot healthier that way.

I'm so sorry Ayla got sick and Disneyland was packed!

Your pictures are cute! :)