Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ashlyn turned 2 months! Ayla today!

Of course this post is 3 weeks late but oh well, I want to document it!

Ashlyn turned 2 months old on May 2nd!

This picture was taken that day!

At her wellness checkup on May 3rd she weighed 12 lbs. 2 oz. and was 22 1/2 inches long!
My baby is growing so fast!!!

Here is a list of the things Ashlyn has learned in her first month.
*She is holding her head up more and more each day. She is pretty strong.*
*She discovered her hands. She loves to hold them up in front of her and look at them.*
*She started to smile for real! This time I know it is not gas.*
*She is getting better at gripping things.*
*She sounds like she says, "mom" when she cries. I know it isn't her real first word but I love to hear it! It is so cute!*
*She started to sleep 4 hours straight at night. She even slept a whole 6 hours once. It has been so nice!*

I always put her in her crib after I change her diaper and she loves to listen and reach out to her "Glow Seahorse." It is so adorable! Thanks to my friend, Melissa for the seahorse! She loves it!

Daddy loves to make her fly!

We put her in the walker for her first time. She was propped up by blankets of course. You can kind of see her looking at her hands in the picture!

She met my Grandma and Grandpa! 
I am so glad she did because my Grandpa passed away 2 weeks later.

Grandma holding her!

She is such a wiggle worm! She loves to kick! She kicked me a lot when I was pregnant with her. She moved so much, sometimes she would give me motion sickness.

I love polka dots!

Sitting on Daddy's lap!

Laying on Mommy!
This is not a flattery picture of me but she is darling in it!

From another angle!
See her trying to hold her head up?!

Sleeping on grandma, Perry!

Now onto Ayla!

She had her 4 year old wellness checkup on the same day as Ashlyn. I got them both in at the same time.
Ayla is now 33 lbs. 2 oz. and 42 inches long!

She is quite the little turkey!
Here are some things she has said and done in the past month.

She loves to eat anything sweet. It is so hard to get her to eat something that is actually good for her. She is such a picky eater. The other morning she told me, " I don't want breakfast, I want candy." Ya, right like that was going to fly.

She is usually up with her Dad before he goes to work and I lie in bed for that hour. One morning I got up and Ayla asked if she could have some frosting. I asked her if she had eaten breakfast. She told me she had with her Daddy and that Daddy had put her dirty dishes in the dish washer. I looked in the dishwasher and the dishes were clean. She has learned how to lie! AWWW!

The other day I caught her under her bed with a tub of frosting eating it. I told her it is not nice to sneak things and that it has got to stop, that she would have to go in time out the next time she sneaks something. She told me, "It is fun to sneak things, that is just what kids do." Luckily, I she has not snuck anything since that day but it doesn't mean she wont.

The funniest thing she has done recently is one day she had a 2 hour nap so she wasn't tired when we went to bed that night. She asked to watch "My Little Pony" in her bed. I let her thinking she would fall asleep after an episode or 2. Oh, NO, she was still up watching it when I got up with Ashlyn at 6 in the morning. She had been watching it all night. I was so not happy. I told her she needed to go to sleep. She then told me that she wanted to see the sun come out and that it was an accident!  

She is quite the little character but I would not change her a bit. I have my work cut out for me but I love being her mom!

She got to go in her aunt, Marion's hot tub at their new house. She is wearing her new swim suite and sunglasses that Marion bought her!

Her in the hot tub!
Of course my sister had the heat down.

My cute little turkey!

I love when she coordinates clothes and accessories when she plays dress up!

She is such a hoot! 
I took this picture and then...

She started to model for me!


Of course she has had her moments acting like a baby!

She loves cupcakes, she has cupcake bed sheets and 3 sets of cupcake PJ's. I love that my Dad cut out the cupcake that was on the empty bag of flour and taped it to his chest so they can be twins! I love you Dad!

Ayla is too funny! She has actually fallen asleep on my feet right now as I type this post! I love her!

Now for some of pictures of the girls through out the month!

Isn't this amazing?!
If you look closely, you can see Kurt holding Ashlyn!

Tummy time!

Ashlyn by herself!

My girls!

Oh and Ashlyn has learned how to wink!! LOL!! J/K!

Here is a picture of the girls together when we put Ashlyn in the walker!

I love my girls and I love being their Mommy! There is nothing better!


Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

I swear you just posted about my 4 year old! We should totally get the two of them together and let them have it!!! =)

Garden of Egan said...

Your girls are growing so big" your life is busy. I love that you are taking so many pictures.