Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Mom's Mother's Day/Birthday party!

Not this past weekend but the weekend before that, we celebrated my Mom's birthday! We also celebrated Mother's Day!

That weekend I made 2 cakes, one was for my friend, Ann's little boy and one was for my Mom's party. These are the first 2 big cakes I have done since the Breaking Dawn cake. I decided not to do cakes while I was pregnant. I was just too sick and tired. Well now Ashlyn is here and she is not a newborn anymore, I decided to try making these cakes to see how things would play out with the new baby. It went well.

The first cake I did was, this Lego cake for Ann's son Christian! I think it turned out great and I had fun making it!

We had my Mom's party on Sunday!

Ayla and Ashlyn wore matching dresses that Grandma Perry bought them, to church that morning! This was taken after church. Notice Ayla's hair has fallen out?

Ashlyn looked so cute, so did Ayla! I love my girls!

My Mom's cake!
I made the simplest cake I make! I think I went a little overboard with the sprinkles!!!

My sister, Marion showed up an hour before the party to get things ready. She wanted to get the food cooking a half an hour before everyone arrived because it never fails, our family has a BBQ and we sit around for an hour while the food cooks. Apparently, everyone else thought about the same thing and came a half an hour late.

Here is me and Marion partying it up already a half an hour into the party and no one was there yet! At this point we were wondering where everyone was!

Marion did all the cooking! Go Marion!

Hamburgers and Hot dogs!

Everyone arrived at the same time! You can see Lane Brain eating in this picture!

My Dad holding Ashlyn sitting with Cody!

Ian and Ayla had a blast jumping together!

Oh and one more thing I haven't mentioned on my blog is...

I got a new camera!!! I want to learn how to take good pictures of my kids, so I don't have to deal with taking them to get them done. I am actually learning photography on So far I have learned a lot. Kurt got me the Sony Nex 7 camera. It is awesome, I am still learning how to use it but I love it!

All the pictures above were taken with my powershot camera and now all the pictures below were taken with the Sony camera.

I took a couple of pictures of my friend, Melissa with it! I think they turned out cute! They are a little over exposed but like I said I am learning my new camera. Then I will learn more about editing photos. I still think the pictures are awesome though, with just taken them!

Here is the other one I took!
Melissa and her boyfriend, Aaron came to the party. Melissa always comes to my families parties. She is pretty much part of the family!

I took a picture of my yellow Gerber Daisies I bought for my yard this year! Notice the to blooms in the front? They are conjoint! I think they are pretty cool!

Angie and Raye!

Raye is too cute!

My sister-in-law, Carolyn!
She is Cody's and Angie's mom. And Angie is Ian's and Raye's mom

Melissa again!

My mom while we sang "Happy Birthday!"
This picture is totally over exposed but like I said I will learn!

My brother, Robert and his son Lane!

We had a great time as a family! We always do!

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