Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ashlyn turned 3 months!

Ashlyn turned 3 months at the beginning of this month. I am now just getting to post on it. Life is so crazy this time of year.

Here is a picture of the sweet little ham, a couple of days before she turned 3 months.

She weighed in at 15 lbs! I can't believe it!!! She is now 24 inches long. My baby is growing!

Some of the things she has accomplished during the second month and things that she loves are...

She still loves baths!

She pretty much burps on her own. She has been doing this since her first month. I try and burp her but most of the time it doesn't come up until she is just sitting still.

She loves to suck her thumb.

She laughed for her first time at 2 months and 2 weeks! So cute! She has been giggling ever since!

She has gotten really good at holding onto things!

She goes right back to sleep after I feed her during the night, so I am getting good enough sleep!

She started to try and roll over. She started this at the beginning of that month!

She started to get pretty good at it!

She was able to hold her head up and sit up all on her own in the walker that month!

She is learning how to survive her sister! LOL!!

Ayla fed her, her first bottle! I just pumped the milk for it.
This was hard for me to watch but it was a good bonding experience for my girls!

Happy girls!

Now for some cute pictures that were taken throughout that month!

I love Ayla's hair in this one!

Ayla was running through the sprinklers that day!

Ashlyn, watching Ayla run through the sprinklers. She thought it was pretty cool!

I love her bonnet!

This was Ayla's onesie at one time. I love it!

My girls! I love this picture!

So sweet!

I always make t-shirts for my mom that have her kids or grand kids on them. Yes, my mom has shirts with me on them, even though I am not a kid anymore. It is sweet. My mom is a proud mom! Below are some simple pictures I took with my small camera before I got my new camera. I took the pictures to make a shirt for my mom.

I was just messing around. I love how Ashlyn is holding her bink!

This was the winner because they were both looking at the camera!

Here is a picture of the girls in the dresses I bought them for Easter!

Aslyn really loves Ayla!

And Ayla loves her!
I am so glad my girls get along so well! Ayla still loves Ashlyn just as much or more than the day she was born. The other day, Ayla said that Ashlyn was her baby and when she grows up she wants another baby. She is so funny!

Ashlyn is such a blessing to our family! We love her so much!

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Tyler 'n Jen Eborn said...

Oh my goodness! I love love love these pics! I think my fave is the one that you mentioned that Ashlyn is surviving her sister and Ayla is there with her fingers on her cheeks. =) So stinkin cute!