Saturday, October 11, 2014

Watch Ethan Grow Part 1!

Life has been crazy busy with 3 kids! It has been hard to adjust! I have a ton to catch up on! First, I am going to start with Ethan and how he has grown, so the next 3 posts including this one will be about that!

Here he is at 1 month with his sister, Ashlyn!
He weighed 12 lbs and was 22 1/2 inches long!
He also moved into size 1 diapers!

He loved his swing!

He had his first bottle of pumped milk! 
Ayla fed it to him and Ashlyn helped!

I love how she is looking at him in this picture!

Ayla was the first to feed Ashlyn her first bottle and so we had her feed Ethan his first bottle!

He met his Aunt Krista for his first time!
She was sick when he was born.

So cute!
My two guys!

He had visitors!
This is Sadie and her cute little one, Anabell with him!

Here is her other kiddo, Evy! She really wanted to hold him!

Here he is with his Grandma!
She of course is holding his head but he did start to hold his head up on his own!

He also started cooing!

He went in his walker for the first time!
He started to be more aware of things and started grabbing things!

He started smiling!
 But he didn't smile much! He started to become colic at 3 weeks of age!!! He cried a lot and I mean a lot!!!!!! This is the main reason I have been so busy! I couldn't get a thing done!

He had his first 2 holidays, St. Patrick's Day and Easter while he was 1 month!

2 months!

Here he is at 2 months!
He weighed 14.9 lbs and was 23 inches long!
He moved into size 2 diapers!
I love the picture above of my 3 kids! Ethan really started to discover his sisters and loved being around them!

Here he is at sleeping, such a cutie!

Here is a good picture of what I was going through for a long time with him! This is what he was doing for most of the time! It was all day long too! Poor guy! 
I don't wish colic upon anyone! It has been such a hard thing to go through! I think the worse part is you know your kid is in pain and you can't sooth them! It breaks your heart, especially as a mother! We tired everything! I even cut out things in my diet but it didn't help!

Here is Kurt trying to sooth him!

So sweet!

Notice the ear plugs? Ya, this was the only way Kurt could hold him up close like this because Ethan was screaming!

He would take small naps in his swing!

Such a cutie!

Poor guy he is cute in this picture but looks sad!
Baths always calmed him down but not for long! He still loves baths! I think it is one of his favorite things!

My Dad let me get a jumper for him with his safety points from work!

Here's his cute legs and feet!
I started calling him Rhino because his was getting so big so quick and his legs looked like a Rhino's! It has become one of his nick names! We also call him E-man and I call him E!

He became more and more aware of his surroundings!
He discovered his hands on May 13th!
He also started to hold onto my shirt while nursing! It was so sweet!

I got him this co-sleeper!
He actually rolled over on his side at 2 months!

I loved how Ethan and Ashlyn are sleeping together!

He started to love to go on walks! It helped with the colic!

Me and Ethan!
He laughed for his first time on May 30th!
Also he had his first Mother's Day that month!

I got him a Bumbo!
I was trying anything to help the colic! I got it because I couldn't hold him all the time! It didn't really help with the colic but it has been a life saver in other ways! I am glad I got it! I wish I would have had it with my first 2!

Ayla and Ethan!

He looks so cute in it!

And one last picture of my 3 kiddos! They all love each other so much! I love it!!!

We all have loved having Ethan in our home!

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