Thursday, April 28, 2016

Festival of Trees 2014!

Ya, you read that right, Festival of Trees 2014!
Because I am extremely behind in my blog and I have to put things in order or it will drive me crazy! There is seriously so much to catch up on and I will do my best! I have been going through pictures and enjoying it! I have just been so busy the past year and a half with 3 crazy kiddos! Here's hoping I can catch up! 

Anyway, I love the pictures in the post because I love the Festival of Trees and we couldn't go this past Christmas season. The kids came down with the flu!

Here is Emma!
Emma is my sister's precious little girl! I have a post for her to catch up on as well!

Here's little E-man!
Ya, Ethan slept almost the entire time we were there! It was great! It made it so much easier!

Here are the girls! Ayla and Ashlyn!
They have grown a lot in one year! Wait until you see them now!

Here is Lane!
Even he has grown in a year!

Had to get a picture of Lane with the Superman tree! Lane loves Superman!

Here's Marion pushing the babies and my Mommy!

I love red Christmas trees!

I thought the stable was cute!

This was my favorite thing there! A Steamboat Willie playground!
Here is the front!

And this was the back!

What snowman do in summer!

I also loved the Pirate ship playground!

I love pirates!
My high school mascot was a pirate! How awesome is that?! I'm a pirate!
I also love pirates because they always remind me of Disneyland! Of my favorite ride there! It was the very first ride I rode there the first time I went on my honeymoon! I was hooked after that! Get it "Hooked?" Ha, Ha!

I always love the Halloween trees!

You got to love the Napoleon Dynamite tree! I love the quotes on the tree!
Napoleon Dynamite was the first conversation Kurt and I had!

Ayla in her Elsa dress with a Frozen tree!

This was my favorite tree! The Grinch tree! I love how his bum is sticking out of the chimney!

Thought this marble castle was awesome!

Arendelle in a gingerbread house!

And of course I had to take a picture of Small World!
Anything that reminds me of Disneyland makes me happy!

Ayla in the bubble machine!
Maybe at the Festival of Trees 2016 Ashlyn will want to try!

And here is the picture with Santa!
Yes, Ethan was still sleeping! I had to be in the picture because Ashlyn was still not sure about Santa! She wouldn't go near him!!! Lol!!

There you have it! Lots more to come!!!!

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Daniel Lower said...

Wow, looks like you have all been busy! We were thinking it would be a good idea to have a 'backyard ice cream party' like Mike Zumwalt used to have in Ivins Ward. Only we don't have a backyard ;-)

Would you guys be interested?