Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 rooms / 10 favorites

My friend Ann made this tag up and It has been fun looking at other people's posts of this tag.
This is what she typed to introduce this tag:
"We all see all of the tag posts all of the time and I can honestly say that I don't mind them. I like to read about every body's likes and dislikes and etc. However, who comes up with these? Some are good and fun and then few are so bad...One of the last ones I filled out had the question where is your cell phone? I thought "who cares??" and maybe that's how most of you feel about "tag" posts in general.. But, I thought I would start a few tags myself.. ones that I thought would be fun to actually read and see. I decided to find 10 rooms in my house and post (1) favorite thing in each room."

Like my friend Leah said on her post I don't have 10 rooms in my home. I actually live in an apartment. We only have 5 rooms total, so like Leah, I chose 10 favorite things in my apartment.
Here goes:

This is a picture of our Marriage Certificate and hanging below is a picture of us on our wedding day. What a great day. I am so happily married. I love my husband and I am glad that I can have him for time and all eternity. If I live worthy of him. (I copied Leah on this one because I felt the same way she did.)

These are pictures of Ayla that I had taken for mother's day. What a great gift. The pictures on the far left are ones in her blessing gown that my grandma Marion made.

This is our bedding. I bought it from Shopko about two years ago. I love it because the flowers are made of ribbon and I think it is just beautiful.

Our apartment has these cute shelves. This one is Ayla's shelf and I love it because everything on it are gifts from people who love her. I still need to put pictures in the frame and I still need to go to my friend Ann's house and paint and decorate the letters. Another post another day.

This picture was taken in our bathroom. I love our bathroom because I did it in Americana. I love Americana stuff. God bless the U.S.A.!

This is a picture of a snowflake that Kurt made while we were dating. I could not believe how he cut out my name around the edge. Amazing and thoughtful that is why I frame it and it hangs in our hall way.

These are my Barbies. I love them because my grandma Marion made them for me. She goes to second hand stores, buys barbies, cleans them up,curls their hair and then crochets dresses for them. Guess what the one on the right is supposed to be?

I love this picture of "The Second Coming." It is a replica of the mural that is painted in the D.C. Temple. It now reminds me of my friend Leah because she was married in this temple. It needs a frame though. Later though. It is not in the budget right now.

This is our kitchen. I love it because the middle counter makes it easy for me to decorate cakes. I also love it because it is its own room. It is not connected to the living room like most apartments. When we get a house I will be wanting the middle counter. It is a must.

Last but not least this is a picture of a bookcase we have in the corner of our kitchen. I love my stoneware serving dishes. My sister got us those for Christmas this last year. My favorite thing though is the spice rack up in the left hand corner. This spice rack is over 50 years old. I know this because my mom's parents both died when she was 4 years old. My aunt Zora gave this spice rack to my mom and told her that her mother gave it to her a little time before she passed away. My mom then passed it onto me. I love and cherish it.

Well that is it folks! I hope you enjoyed it! Tag, your it!


LeahBug101 said...

Wonderful Job Heather! It's hard living so far away from you. Thank you for opening up your house to me. I feel like I have been there now.

I love your kitchen. I wish we had more counter space in our house. (it's on my MUST list when we buy a house) And I LOVE your bathroom. I still have my 4th decorations up all over the house, I just love them so much it's hard to take them down. This year I put up Red, white and blue christmas lights in our living room. I LOVE THEM. I might just keep them up forever.
talk to you later,

Ann Marie said...

I love your favorites!!!! I am so glad you did this tag!! I am embarrassed that I havent been to your house, and I don't live too far away. It's cute!

I love that you framed the snowflake. You should write the story on the back for future generations to know the story, and even the spice rack too. I love the dolls... Your grandmother is soo talented!
I'm grateful you are blogging! Yay!

Tierra Lynne said...

Great tag Heather! I really love your kitchen!!! And the bookcase! But my main envy has to be the snowflake--WOW! I think thats so sweet of your husband to do. I remeber when I first met you when you came out to visit Leah and you showed us that wonderful cartoon book that Kurt did for you! VERY impressive!