Friday, July 25, 2008

Our 24th of July!

We didn't do much on the 24th. I wanted to go to the parade and see the First Presidency of the church and our Stake's float but I didn't have anyone to go with and it was at 9 a.m. That is too early for me to get a baby ready with hardly any sleep. Plus I didn't want to take Ayla out in the sun so we didn't go. I was sad because I really wanted to see the First Presidency and the final product of our stake's float. :(
Grandma Perry took us out to Marie Callenders though. One of my favorite restaurants. That was good. Kurt also took care of Ayla the night before so I could get some rest. That was nice. I got 10 hours of needed sleep. We also watched " I am Legend" that day. Pretty good movie. We pretty much just rested that day. I did ponder a lot about the pioneers. I am so thankful for their sacrifices so that we could have this beautiful state. Thank you pioneers!

Pictures at Marie Callenders. Yummy!!!

I was so excited. I was driving past our church today and noticed the float in the parking lot so I still got to see the float. I took a picture to show how great of a job our stake did. Such an awesome float.

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