Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ayla turned 22 months!

I give up! My blog will have to be a week behind most of the time. Sorry! But I need to document things because this blog is my journal. I have been really busy. I have just added genealogy to my list of things on the computer. It takes up just as much time as my blog and Facebook. I am going to have to balance things out. So, like I said most of my posts will be a week behind but I will try my best. 

Anyway, Ayla turned 22 months on Christmas.

Here is a picture of her the day after Christmas. 
She is wearing a little fairy tutu that she got in her stocking from Santa. I love the look on her face. I think she might even have an orange stain around her mouth left over from lunch. She must have had spaghetti or something and it stains her skin for a little while. We did wash her up, honestly. She is so cute!

She now is 34 1/2 inches tall and weighs 22 lbs. So she is still the same weight and has grown an inch and a half. She is getting so big. We finally turned her car seat around after talking to her doctor. Her doctor told us at this rate, she won't be 30 lbs until she is 3 or 4 years old. It was nice to hear that from her doctor. We were told not to turn a child around until they were 30 lbs by pediatricians at the U of U hospital (where my sister works). Ayla's nurses told us 25 lbs. I guess they were trying to protect themselves because they were not Ayla's official doctor. Ayla is enjoying sitting forward in the car. We are too. It is so much easier for her and us. We were just following the advice we got.

Some of the things Ayla has been able to accomplish in her 21 month are:

*She can count to 2*

*She started to call me Momma. She knew how to say the word a long time ago but didn't start using it right way, until now.*

*When ever I make popcorn, she will do popping actions with her hands and say, "Pop, pop"*

 *She is really picking up on talking. I can't remember every word she has said the past month but here are a few: Milk, Bird, Lane, Book and Hot Dog.*

*She plays the 5 little piggies on her own toes. It is the cutest thing. She will even tickle herself. I will have to get a picture sometime. She learned it from her Dad. He plays 5 little piggies with her all the time.*

*Another cute thing she does is, she will act like she is praying with her eyes closed, mouthing words. When she is done she will say, "Amen."*

*She has learned how to use the phrase, "Thank you." She says it every time you give her something. Now we are teaching, "Your welcome."*

*She will point to her ears, eyes, mouth and nose and say them as she points to them. She will even do it to you. One day she was doing it to me and she grabbed my glasses off my face and started laughing, Little Stinker!"*

*Last month, I mentioned that Ayla tried to comfort me when I was in pain and she asked if I was alright. Well, she will try and comfort anyone who is in pain. At our ward Christmas party a little boy fell down. She went up to him and tried to comfort him. She didn't even know him. She doesn't take well to strangers. I guess with little kids it doesn't matter."*

*Another things she started doing was, every time I ask her if she wants some cereal, she will move her little table and chair into the kitchen so she can eat at the little table instead of her high-chair. She loves cereal. *

Here she is eating her cereal. 
I don't always let her eat here, just things that are not too messy. For example, I won't let her eat spaghetti here.

Another thing I wanted to document was that Ayla got to play in the snow for her first time this past Saturday.

Her daddy had taken her out to play with her. She got to ride in her new wagon she got from Santa.

Close up.

She looked so cute in her snow gear, walking around.

She looks like a pink marshmallow
She wasn't too sure if she liked the snow because she kept falling down and couldn't get up. Kurt had to keep helping her up. Plus she didn't have proper gloves so her hands would get cold. She only fell down twice and the rest of the time Kurt held her hand. I guess she needs some snow gloves. Then maybe she will enjoy the snow. 


Nanette said...

They are so fun at this age aren't they?

Miss Megan said...

It is so fun to see their personalities coming through, even when they are still so young. I love that she moves her table over for cereal, because Peter does stuff like that all the time. (He has his little routines, and you can't mess with them!) They are so smart and busy and curious, and it's so neat to see their thought process through it all. Happy birthday sweet Ayla!

Suzanne said...

LOVE the first pic!! Her smile is so darling. She is so cute in her shiny pink snow suit! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

She's just like her Momma.. always concerned for others!
She's changed alot since I saw her last...

Cherie said...

I love Ayla's little pink snow suit with her red hair - She is such a doll!!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

she is soooo big! i rember her as a baby just a year ago....time flies man.
how have you been? we need to get together! if we have playgroup i will call you tomorrow:)maby noon?