Thursday, January 28, 2010

Went to Chillis!

On Friday, all of my family went to dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday. The nice thing is my parents get us all gift cards for dinner for Christmas. We use the gift cards around my Dad's birthday every year. This year we went to Chilli's. I love Chilli's!!

Here I am with the guest of honor. 

Now going around the table. Here goes:

After my dad, my brother, Robert and my Mom.

Uncle Ernie.

Lane brain.

Monty, Marion's boyfriend and Marion. 
Ayla sat on Marion's lap for most of the night. Like I said, she loves her aunt Marion.

My sister-in-law, Carolyn.

Last but not least, Kurt and I.

I couldn't chose what picture to share so I shared both.

Now some cute pictures of Ayla:

Love this one!

We wanted a picture of Lane and Ayla together to show how they have the same hair style. I guess Lane needs a haircut. They are both so cute!

It was a yummy dinner! Thanks Mom and Dad for the yummy dinner!! And once again, happy birthday Dad!!!


Nanette said...

Family dinners are the best!

Leah said...

fun, fun, fun....I love chillis :)

Miss Megan said...

LOVE me some Chili's! One of my all-time favorite chain restaurants. Their chips & queso are AWESOME and I LOVE their quesadilla fajitas! Happy b-day dad!