Thursday, January 14, 2010

What we got for Christmas!

I know the title of the post is "What we got for Christmas" but I want to share a couple of things before I show what we got.

First off, my mom and I got our hair done again. This time I did my mom's hair without my friend, Melissa there to coach me. Luckily my sister was there and she had worked at a salon before as a receptionist. She helped me with the blending of the back of the hair but I did everything else on my own. I was proud of myself.

Here is the before picture.

Here is the after.
I think it turned out marvelous.

On Monday, Melissa came over and cut my hair.

Here is my before picture.
You won't see my after picture until later in this post. So just hang tight.

The second thing I wanted to share before I show you what we got, is that I made an ornament with Ayla inside for gifts for the Grandparents.

Kurt and I took this picture in Ayla's room. Then used some Photoshop magic. We gave this picture to every one this year.

Here is the second picture we did the same to.

I put both pictures inside an ornament, put fake snow inside and then tied a red bow on top. Then I put them in these beautiful boxes to wrap them. I think they turned out wonderful. I made a couple for us too.

Now it is time to show, WHAT WE GOT FOR CHRISTMAS:

Starting with Ayla.

Santa brought her a cute little baby doll.

Grandma and Grandpa Perry gave her this toy vacuum. I mentioned I would show this in a later post and here it is. I love the picture I chose to share because Ayla and Kurt are looking at each other, sharing a moment.

She got this TinkerBell costume form Grandma and Grandpa Perry.
Look at how cute the wings are.

They also gave her a Snow White costume and her first Barbie, "Snow White."

Ayla carries Snow White everywhere. And now she will wine for her when she can't find her. She will say, "Nooo, White." It is so cute!

My friend Tonya and her daughter, Shaylyn got Ayla this cute stuffed dog.

They also bought the dog an outfit. I loved it and so did Ayla.

Now Kurt.

Kurt got a PlayStation 3 and some games, I will show you the games later in the post. He also got a movie from me. It was "Beetlejuice."

Now for me.

I received this beautiful little soap/cake stand from my friends, Laura and Mary Leigh. Laura and Mary Leigh have these little stands around their homes that they have made. Mary Leigh has posted about them on her blog. You can see them here. I just love them! I was so excited when they gave me one for Christmas.

Next, my dear friend, Ann gave me this wonderful picture. I have seen it in her home and in one of the Relief Society rooms of the church. I love this picture! There is nothing more precious than a mother teaching her children to pray. This picture is not easy to get. It is out of print. Ann had to go through a relative who had the copy write to it, to get it. So sorry, if any one wants a copy, I won't be able to get it. Not only did Ann go through a lot to get the picture she wrote the sweetest letter to me on the back about being a mother. Thanks Ann!

The picture is hung up in Ayla's room for 3 reasons, one, I think it is appropriate, two, I want people to see it and every one goes into her room and, three, it has a pretty white frame and Ayla's room is the only room that has white frames, so it matches perfectly.

I also got "Moonwalker" on DVD from my hubby. I wanted it because I used to own it on VHS and it has my favorite video of his, "Smooth Criminal." I love "Thriller" too but I love the choreographed dancing in "Smooth Criminal" more.

Now for the last thing I got for Christmas:

I want to give you a little background first and from the things I tell you, you will probably guess what I got.

Here goes:
I love "The Beatles" they are my all time favorite band. When I was 16 all I wanted for Christmas was The Beatles Anthology album. I woke up Christmas morning hoping to get it. I got a lot of other wonderful things but It wasn't there. All I wanted was that album. I was so heart broken. One, because I felt so guilty for not being happy with what I got and, second, I didn't get it that morning.

Well, that Christmas day went by and by the evening we were at my sister, Marion's in-law's for the night. I opened some gifts there. After every one was done opening gifts, my brother-in-law brought out the last present of the night and handed it to me. Every one watched me open it. It was The Beatles Anthology album. I broke down in tears. I was so happy. My brother-in-law's mother had gotten it for me and told my mom not to buy it.

I got the "Yellow Submarine" figurines for Christmas when I was 17.

I bet you know what I am going to say I got for Christmas this year.

You guessed it, Beatles Rockband.
Not only was it The Beatles Rockband but it was the limited addition.

I was so happy to have Paul McCartney's guitar.
I think his guitar was so awesome. I once saw the guitar in Vegas, signed by him.
Oh and BTW, this is the after picture of my hair cut.

Here I am rocking out!!

Here is Ayla rocking out on the drums.
Thanks for the tip, Leah!

Kurt rocking out!!
Kurt wanted to get a second guitar because I always want to play the guitar. So we got John Lennon's guitar to go with the kit.

Here is a picture of all the games we got for the PlayStation. I am not as big of a fan of Band Hero as I am of Beatles Rockband. It is getting more fun though. I wouldn't have wanted Rockband if it were not for Beatles Rockband. They were genius to come out with that one.

I like to play "Little Big Planet" too. It is a really fun game. It is really adorable. You get to create your own little puppit in the game.

We have had a lot of fun with our new toy. I enjoy Rockband the most. I like to sing because I know most of the songs. I usually can't carry a tune and Kurt was surprised at how I sing them. I told him it was because it is The Beatles and I have been singing them all my life. I love to sing and play the guitar at the same time. I really get into it too. I start dancing and every thing. I love it!!!

All I can say is we were extremely blessed for Christmas!!! I think we were a little too blessed but the best thing is that we are loved by those who mean the most!


Suzanne said...

Wow! Merry Christmas to you guys! Love the pictures of Ayla in the white dress! DARLING!! I also love your hair cut. Really cute on you! Love the picture that Ann gave you. You are truly lucky to have received so a wonderful gift. It is such a lovely picture! Have fun rocking out your crazy kids, just watch out for whip lash! -Suzanne

Ann Marie said...

I loved to see all of the things you received! It looks like everyone was loved and spoiled!

I love how much you love the Beatles. I used to listen to my parents records all of the time when I was in HS.. I kind of went through a Beatles stage.. :)
It's fun to sing on Rock Band.. because I know almost all of the songs by heart.. and don't have to pay attention to the lyrics like I do on other songs.

It's a busy weekend.. If I don't get a hold of you today.. I'll try next week! Love ya! XO

Nanette said...

What a fun Christmas! I LOVE that picture- it is wonderful that you got your own copy.

Christy said...

I love your hair heather so cute! I haven't played guitar hero in forever. I should dust it off... :)

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

you my friend are hillarious! that picture of you rockin the guitar was amazing:) cute hair
ps i want a soap stand like this... i love soaps