Saturday, May 22, 2010


This post is about our trip to Disneyland!

I went with my Dad and my sister, Marion to celebrate Marion graduating from nursing school. She had never been to Disneyland and so I wanted to do something huge for her graduation! And you don't get any better than Disneyland!

We flew out on a Monday and that Monday evening we went to the beach.

Me and Dad

Marion and me

Dad and Marion

Me trying to kiss my Dad.

Girls just want to have fun!!

And of course I had to put my feet in the water.
It isn't every day that I get to see the ocean.




On Tuesday we got up early and we went to Disneyland when it opened.

Had to get pictures in front of the castle.

My turn

My turn again.
Notice the fanny pack around my waist? This was the first time I had ever worn one of these babies. I'm not a fan of them but I am now, when I go to Disneyland at least. It was so much easier wearing this than having to hold on to a bag. It was hands free!!!

I had to get a picture with the painting of Sleeping Beauty! I can't even tell you how much I love this film. It is my favorite Disney film of all time! It brings me back to being a little girl. I can't even tell you how many times I watched this film as a little girl and I still watch it today. I even have a Maleficent costume that I have worn for the past 3 Halloweens. You can see last Halloween here.

Had to get one with the Mickey display.

My turn

Had to get one of Marion and Dad with the Walt Disney statue.
It is a must when you go to Disneyland, in my opinion.

Up in Tarzan's tree house.

This time all 3 of us are in the picture thanks to the sweet lady who took our picture.

Found this in the gift shop and made Marion put it on. I felt it was appropriate for the occasion.

That nigh,t we went to the parade. At least that is what I thought it was going to be. It ended up just being a dance party in the street. I was a disappointed. I wanted Marion to be able to see all the Disney characters. But oh well. Disneyland is still my favorite theme park of all time. It is one of my favorite places to be. At least Marion got to see Kermit and Miss Piggy!

On Wednesday we got up early again and went to Disneyland when it opened. We only were there until 4 pm. Then we had to head to the airport and fly home. :(

We had park hopper passes so we went to both parks. Here is Marion and Dad with one of my favorite rides, the Tower of Terror.

My turn.

And guess what? My turn again.

This is an illusion of a street they have right over by Tower of Terror. Marion wouldn't go near it. It made her kind of sick just looking at it. But Dad got near it. It doesn't bother me but Marion says it just doesn't look right and it was making her a little dizzy.

Here is Dad and Marion on the Columbia ship ride. This was our last ride before heading to the airport.

And of course, my turn.

We had so much fun and it was the prefect time to go there. We got on rides in less than 20 minutes. We rode a total of 28 rides in the day and a half that we were there. My Dad kept track.

I did really well without having Ayla with us, better than I thought I would. I notice the 2 year olds weren't having as much fun as the 5 year olds. It just got me excited to bring Ayla back for her 5th birthday. Besides, I had gone for my sister and we wouldn't have been able to do what we did with Ayla there.

Some of my highlights were:

*Getting to ride the Haunted Mansion the first time without Nightmare before Christmas in it. I prefer it to be in its original state. It is now my second favorite ride next to Pirates of the Caribbean.*

*I also got to finally ride the roller coaster at California Adventure. The first time I went there was on my honeymoon and it was closed. And the second time I was there, I was pregnant so I couldn't ride it. But I got to ride it this time and we rode it 4 times. It was a blast!!!*

*The new shop, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutque. I loved this shop! It was so cute! It was a Cinderella themed shop. It made it so little girls could go inside and transform into a princess. They had all the different kinds of princess dresses and accessories. They also had a salon set up where the girls could get there hair, makeup and nails done. The women in there were dressed as handmaids and they pampered those little girls while listening to princess songs the Disney princesses sing. I can't wait to take Ayla in there! I would have loved that as a kid!*

The only disapointment I have is that we didn't get to see the old parade and see all the characters. We didn't even get to see one princess. Plus, Marion didn't want to wait in line to meet characters but that was okay because we got a lot of riding in.

I can't even tell you how much fun we had. I love Disneyland!! I can't wait to take Ayla!!

And when I do, it will be all about Ayla. I look forward to riding all the kiddie rides with her. I don't plan on taking her on the Haunted Mansion or Pirates until she is older. I think it would give her nightmares. Kurt and I will just have to take turns riding those rides by ourselves. And if we have another kid by then, we are still going to go even if they are 2 and they are going with us. It will be fun with just our little family because at that time we will be there for Ayla's 5th birthday present and we will be able to focus just on the kids.


Nanette said...

Disney is the BEST!

Ann Marie said...

So fun to see your Disneyland pictures! Looking at them.. I forgot that we were going to ride the Columbia Ship and didn't.. Oops! -- Good thing we are going back in September!

Pirates was Mary's favorite ride.
She calls it "Yo Ho" and we went on it 10 times in 3 days ( which I loved as well.. ) :)

Talk to ya soon!

Leah said...

we are going to Disneyworld in August...and looking at your pictures makes me want to go tomorrow. I don't think I can wait until August. :( I want to go NOW!

I'm glad you had such a good time. I guess they are right when they say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. :)

Love you!

TheIcePixy said...

That so fun that you got to do that! Oh, and I have to tell you, you have such good taste! Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess movie too!

Jared and Laura said...

I'm so glad to hear your trip went well! It sounds like it was so much fun! Very cute pictures!!