Monday, May 17, 2010

My Sister, Marion's Graduation!

I have been wanting to post this post for a while now. I have just been busy. Man, May has been busy!

Anyway, my sister, Marion graduated from the U of U college of Nursing. Her nursing degree was quite the struggle. I went through the emotional roller coaster of Nursing school with my sister. I felt in a way that I was graduating. So I wanted it to be a big deal for my sister because it is a big deal.

First off she asked me to do the invitations.
This is not a very good picture but at least you can kinda tell how they turned out. I was proud of them.

I also made her this cake.
I think it turned out wonderful, though I had some difficulties while building it. I guess you can have bad cake days right? I felt it turned out though. This is what I was busy with the first week of May along with shopping with Marion and getting ready for her party the night of her graduation. We even went to a BBQ that week with her nursing class. Like I said, it was busy.

Here is the Graduate!
I went with Marion early so I could be there for her pictures and take pictures of her and her nursing friends.

I dressed in black, red and white for the occasion.

Got one of Marion holding the U.

Then I made her go and sit next to the U.

And of course a standing one.

Our good friend, Melissa came early too.

Marion with her friend Caroline.

The next four pictures, I don't know everyone's name except for Caroline.

Here is one with her boyfriend, Monty just before the graduation. He got her the lay around her neck. Isn't it pretty?

This is the group of people who came for her graduation. They took up 2 rows.

Now for some after graduation pictures:

Lane and our sister-in-law, Carolyn.

One with our brother, Robert and our Dad.

And one with our mom.

This one is with Monty, his sister, Gina (on Marion's right) and their step sister.

One with Colton and Rachelle, Monty's sister.

Melissa and Marion.

After graduation we had the party.

It was a good turn out.

Marion and her friend Steph.

I even had Ayla in red and white.

We got to see old friends.
This is Marion's best friend, Heather from high school.

And Jolyne. She is on the right side of Marion.
We have known Jolyne for a long time. Marion and her go all the way back to kindergarten.

Marion with her friend, Michelle and her daughter, Maddison.

Marion cutting her cake.

I decided to get in her cap and gown.
After all, I graduated with her. We did it Marion!!!!

I had fun getting pictures with everyone too.

Me and Melissa.

Me and Jolyne.

I love this one of my dad surrounded by us girls!

Had to get one of Marion with Uncle Ernie.

Jolyne is so awesome. She got Marion these roses.

In the end I was the proud owner of the sash Marion wore around her neck. These are for the people who helped them get through school. Thanks Marion. I will cherish it forever.

After graduation, I had to get ready for Disneyland. Yes, we went to Disneyland to celebrate. I will post that next. I think this post is long enough.


Nanette said...

What a lovely graduation!

{Mo} said...

What a great accomplishment! She's lucky to have a special sister like you who is so proud of all she's done! I remember feeling almost let down when Derrick finaly graduated. He had worked so hard, and my parents and I were the only ones who went to his graduation :(

The invites turned out fantastic, and the cake is beautiful! Way to go for making it a speacial day to remember!

Leah said...

woohoo it's over :) no more school. I bet you are so proud of your sister.....

that cake is SOOOO pretty. you did such a great job (like always).

I wish I could have been there.

Cherie said...

Heather - GREAT post! I am so happy for your sister Marion that is a Huge accomplishment. I know how much you love your sister and your family! I enjoyed all the pictures and as usual your cake was magnificent!! The invitations turned out wonderfully too!!

Hope you are having fun in Disneyland!!

Love ya,


Suzanne said...

Congratulations to Marion! What a great party you guys had! She is one gorgeous lady and will be a great nurse. Lucky girl to be given the sash! That is way cool! HOpe all is well with you! -suzanne