Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Training!

I know I said the next post would be Disneyland but that post will have to wait. I need to document something.

I was not wanting to potty train Ayla until she was 3 but she has shown a lot of interest in it. I have been putting her on the potty here and there. I haven't been really persistent but Ayla has been persistently taking off her diapers. So today I decided to put her on the potty and she went number 1. I was shocked and excited at the same time! I congratulated her and praised her for a job well done.

I know we have a long way to go on training her. We are just going to take it slow unless Ayla persists. I am not going to put her in pull ups until she gets going in the toilet down. That way she will know the difference between a diaper and big girl underwear, aka, pull ups.

Mommy is so proud of you Ayla!! Way to go!!


Leah said...

wow! good job Ayla :) I thought it sounded like she was ready. I am so proud of her!!! I guess Noah is next, but I don't think I'm ready. :)

Keep up the good work!


{Mo} said...

YEA AYLA! What a big girl!

Ok, here is my two cents for what it's worth.... don't start until you know they are really ready. I kept thinking Carlie was ready, but Derrick and I had a cruise planned and I didn't want to leave her 1/2 trained with people, so I waited a few months till the trip was over. We talked about it, she went here and there, but didn't really start. By the time we got home, he was REALLY ready. When you decide to start, be sure you have at least a week to just be home, with no big plans. I learned with my boys to just (for the most part) skip the pull-ups all together. They feel too much like a diaper and we had more accidents that way. When both Carlie and I were ready, we stayed home and all she wore was big girl undies (it was easier than stripping layers, and faster) for a week. I set a timer and started with every hour when it beeped, we tried. If she went we set it for another hour, if she didn't we set it for 15 min to 1/2 hour depending on her fluid intake (once they get the hang of it, push the fluids so they learn when they need to go). After a few days we went on little outings, to lunch, the store but not for too long and when we were out we did wear a pull-up, but she knew they were just like her big girl undies.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, but like I said she was my easiest and after her, I did the same thing with my neice and it worked just as well!

Connie said...

Way to go Ayla! Potty training can be a pain or a joy! Hopefully it's the latter!

Love the cake you made for your sister's graduation. Congratulations to her and to you for helping her get through!