Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Catch up post #2 (Paul McCartney)

Here is Summer Catch up post #2!! Are you ready for this?

I went to Paul McCartney! The Sir Paul McCartney!! It was serious the best concert I have ever been to because it was Paul!! I have been a Beatles fan since I was a young teen. I have been to Beatle band cover bands and had a blast but to hear a real Beatle sing their songs!! It was amazing!! It doesn't get any better than that!!

I went with my Mom and Dad.
They are the ones in the black shirts in the middle sitting down.

My Mom and I.

And of course I bought a T-shirt!
You can't go to Paul McCartney and not buy a T-shirt! I seriously wore this shirt for a week straight. I would wash it and then hang it up to dry. I love my shirt!! I think it is a very cute concert shirt! It is not your normal concert shirt!

My Mom got one too!

One of the 3 of us from our row, where are seats were!
We weren't that close but we were close enough to enjoy the concert! We couldn't afford the more expensive tickets!! The $45 ones suited us fine, just as long as we were able to there!

Me and my Dad!

This is when he first came out!
When he came out, I got emotional and shed a couple of tears! I didn't expect to cry when he came out! I have never gotten that emotional about any singer or band at a concert! See the jacket he is wearing? He only wore it for his first number. He then took it off because it was too hot.

See his guitar?! I love it!! He always has this guitar! I am so impressed at how Beatles Rock Band replicated it! You can see it here on my post about Beatles Rock Band (Scroll down to the bottom of the post because it is pretty long.) Also in that post you can read a little about how much I love the Beatles!!

I loved how Paul would do a Wings song and then a Beatles song. He kept rotating them. During the Beatles songs there would be clips of the Beatles on the stage in the background. This is a picture of one of those moments! It was awesome!

Of course he played the piano!

I thought it was hilarious that they had port a potties in the middle of the crowd on the floor level! See them in the distance?

He switched out his guitars a lot.

He told us that this one was the original guitar that he used to write "Paper Back Writer." Awesome huh?

He would always go back to this one though!

This ukulele is very special!
George Harrison was an amazing guitarist and he loved to play the ukulele. This ukulele was one of his and he gave it to Paul. Paul and George would always play their ukuleles together. Paul started to play this ukulele and he started to play, "Something in the Way She Moves." He played the song for a little while, then changed to a regular guitar. It was a tribute to George. There was a slide show of George during the song. I was bawling! It really touched me! You could feel how much Paul misses and loves George. He also did a tribute to John which was touching too! I loved it! Those were some of my favorite moments of the concert!

Another guitar!

This was during "Live and Let it Die."
It was awesome, the fireworks were synchronized to the music.

That was the last song he had played, it was supposed to be the fanally. At that time he hadn't sung the song I really wanted to hear him sing which is "Yesterday." He went off stage and my parents went to leave and I told them not to, that if we stood there and scram for a while he would come back out. They hadn't been to a concert in a long time and didn't know how it works. Sure enough he came back out. He came out with a Utah flag and was waving it around. Which was awesome because it was the first time ever a Beatle has given a concert in Utah. He sang a few songs and then went off stage again. This time my parents walked up the bleachers but I wasn't moving until I heard "Yesterday!" I stood there screaming and sure enough he came back out a second time. My parents weren't by me at this time but I was so happy because guess what he sang?!, "YESTERDAY!!!" He then sang another song then ended with "Helter Skelter!"

Best concert Ever!!

Some of my hi-lights were:

*"Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"*

* "Eleanor Rigby"*

* Basically any Beatle song!*

*Being there with my Mom and Dad.*

*Paul talking in between songs and sharing stories.*

*And of course hearing, "Yesterday" being sang by the Sir Paul McCartney!*


LKP said...

so awesome, heather! =)
glad you got your song after all.

btw, your WV this time is:

as in...."paul mccartney was the friekn best concert ever!!!!!!!"

Christy said...

Thats so cool you got to go. Yes I heard it was an amazing concert!

Nancy Face said...


I love the Beatles too, and so do all my kids! We would LOOOVE to see him in concert! I would so be bawling just like you!

I'm happy you got to go! :)

M-Cat said...

I heard this was a fabulous concert! It looks like you had a blast

Jared and Laura said...

How fun!! I heard it was a great concert, I'm so glad you got to go! Your hair looks super cute in the pics.

Cherie said...

Heather that is way cool!! I would have loved that concert -in fact, I didn't even realize that he still toured.
Just awesome!!

P.S. Brazillion!!!! Ha Ha Ha Hee Hee Hee

gigi said...

Hi, I stopped by to say thank you for being so kind to paper Gigi all weekend. Next time I need to be there in person :))

Love that you got to go to such a great concert! Paul, does really rock! I got to see Michael Buble' this summer and he is just dreamy.

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

Heather if you weren't one of my best friends I would NEVER talk to you again :) j/k BUT I am VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY jealous. I would pretty much give my left foot to be able to see Paul in concert. YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!!!

I would have LOVED to hear him play Georges ukulele.....and I would have cried like a baby. George is my FAVORITE....I mean if you can have a favorite, it's like picking a favorite child...very hard :)

I love you and I love that you were able to see Paul LIVE :)