Thursday, December 9, 2010

Festival of Trees!

Ayla and I went with my sister, Marion, my nephew, Lane and my mom to the Festival of Trees last Friday. We had such a great time! I love the Festival of Trees! I try and go every year as a tradition. I didn't go last year so I was so excited to go this year!

Here is Lane with Sally Rag Doll and Jack Skellington.
Someone went through a lot of work to sew these life size dolls. I love "The Nightmare Before Christmas!"

I took lots of pictures of trees. I had a hard time picking out what pictures to share but I will show some of our favorites.

Ayla loves Tinkerbell so I took this picture for Ayla!

Here is Lane showing of his guns with a "Toy Story" tree in the background.
Lane and Ayla both love "Toy Story."

Like I said, I love "The Nightmare Before Christmas!"

Ayla and Marion.
Ayla was in the middle of eating some yummy fudge in this picture.

I had to take a picture of Marion next to the Coke tree. She loves Coke and has to drink it every day. I also thought this tree was for you, Monica!!

This tree rotated with the "Cars" on it. It was cute!

I felt this was the best Twilight tree they had this year.
I liked it but I like the ones I saw 2 years ago more because the trees were a lot bigger. They still did an excellent job!

This is the only picture I got of me.
Notice the dinosaur tree behind us? There were so many dinosaurs all over. Ayla loved this tree! I had a hard time getting her away from it.

Ayla point out another "Toy Story" tree.

This Princess tree was so cute!

I adored this Cookie Monster tree!

Beautiful Santa tree!

The Santa in this one moved and sang.

I had a hard time getting Ayla away from this tree too. She got upset any time anyone blocked her view of Santa.

Fell in Love with this sign!
I so wish it wasn't sold and I had the money for it! It was so beautiful!

I really liked this cute little Elf tree.

This tree was so amazing!
They used 4 trees to create the wave that Santa is surfing. They had all kinds of fish all through the trees to look like they were swimming in the water.

Had to get a picture of Lane with the little bull riding figurines. Lane loves bull riders which is prefect because he was named after a famous bull rider.

Here is my mom and Lane.

Such a cute candy cane tree! I love red and white trees!

This was a cute snowman set up.

This one was my favorite of all the trees! A Mickey and Minnie tree set up!
I love Disney! The picture is kind of wired because it is actually 3 different pictures that I put together in Photo Shop to try and creative a panoramic view. It was too hard to get a picture of it with people constantly walking by.

I so adored the quilt that was on the bench!

Loved the ornaments that were on the tree!
It was so adorable! These pictures don't do it justice!

One of the things I love the most about the Festival of Trees are the gingerbread houses people make! I guess it is because it is like cake decorating and I can stare at people's art work for hours. I love the ideas I get from looking at their amazing work! This year I was really impressed! I think I enjoyed them more than the trees and I loved looking at the trees!

This one was a suite case that was opened up and had some hotels inside!

This one was a little brick house where the bricks were Pez! I was so impressed that some one had the patience to do this! It almost looked like real bricks.

Had to take a picture of the Nativity! I love Nativities!

I liked the skiers on this one!

If this was a real home it would be my dream home!

Cute country home!

Loved the little bakery on this one!

This one was so well done! I loved the roof!

I love how lights were inside a lot of them!

Cute swamp, with Santa fishing!

Loved the candy rocks on this one!

This one was one of my favorites! It is Bonnie's house from "Toy Story 3." It actually had Buzz and Jessie hanging from the tree and they were rotating.

This one was my favorite!
A candy land amusement park! I couldn't believe the detail on the carousel and ferris wheel! You might have to click on the picture and look at it bigger to see the detail. The picture doesn't do it justice!

We all had a great time!

I so love the Festival of Trees! I just love Christmas!


LKP said...

okizay. they're all cool, but my absolute favorite was the cookie monster one you showed!!!! :) very, very close came the surfin' santa. so cool. i'd have never thought of making the trees the wave. that's incredible!!!
the nutcracker was fun...a little different but still good...not as much nutcracker in this year's storyline as i'm used to. we'll see if that gets better next year.

M-Cat said...

FOT is one of my most favorite traditions! LOve it and everything there this year was amazing!