Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Thanksgiving!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

This is what our Thanksgiving decor consisted of. I am working on getting more. I get one new decoration for each holiday a year. This year I got the Harvest sign. I love it! Last Christmas, I got this shelf for my Christmas decoration. Now I use it for all the holidays. I have decided this is my holiday decoration shelf. I wish I would have gotten a picture of our Halloween shelf. It was cute too!

Anyway we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at my sister, Marion's house.

I made these cute cupcakes. I got the idea from my friend, Cherie's blog. Normally it is just an Oreo cookie but I decided to make cupcakes with them. Yes, that is an Oreo holding up the candy corn feathers. I loved how they turned out! Don't you think they are cute?

I also made an Oreo pie. I always make an Oreo pie for Thanksgiving. I do it because I know Kurt and my brother, Robert look forward to the Oreo pie.

Here is most of the family waiting for the food to be ready.

Everyone loved the cupcakes! We didn't eat them after dinner. We were all too full. Not to mention that every one ate pie. They became a little gift from me to every one to take home. They were such a hit, I might make them every year.

My brother, Robert and my nephew, Lane.

Me and my Papa Daddy.

My sister, Marion made rolls from scratch.
Notice her cute sweater? Ya, I told her to buy that. At first she wasn't sold on it but when she put it on, she loved it! I think it is her favorite sweater now.

My cute little concerned little Ayla. I love you!

My hubby on his Droid.

Ayla with her little plate of food.

We had eaten dinner at 1:00 pm. so Kurt, Ayla and I had the entire evening together as a family. It was great! This year we did a Thankful jar. Where you fill the jar with pieces of paper that you write things you are thankful for during the month. Then you read them on Thanksgiving. This was a great experience! It really added to our holiday. I loved hearing the thing Kurt was grateful for! Ayla even participated during the month too. She would draw on the pieces of paper and put them in the jar. It was so cute! She loved participating!

The day after Thanksgiving we had the privilege of seeing a couple of our aunts that were in town for the holiday. We all met over at my grandparents house.

I like this picture of my brother, Robert in the door way.
My aunt, Cathy is the one in the front of this photo. Out of my mom and her sisters, I think Cathy and my mom look the most alike. They have the same smile when their mouths are closed.

Grandpa Paul sitting in his chair.
He was just diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. He is doing very well and looks great! We love you Grandpa!

Grandma Marion always pulls out the toys for Ayla when we go over there.

Here is my mom with her uncle, Paul. Yes, Paul isn't really my grandpa but him and his wife are the closest thing to parents my mom has had in her life other than my Great Grandpa Truman. Her parents both died when she was 4. I did a post on it a while back. Anyway, Paul and his wife, Marion have always been my grandparents.

Our aunt, Pam and my sister, Marion.

Me and our aunt, Shirley.

My mom with her two sisters.

And the two Marions.
Yes, my sister was named after our Grandma Marion.

That Friday evening, I started putting Christmas decor out. It took me until Monday to finish but I am happy to say, We are ready for Christmas! Presents are all bought and wrapped. I had them wrapped the day before Thanksgiving. Christmas cards have been filled out and sent. We sent the most part of them out on Thanksgiving. I am so happy to be able to sit back and enjoy the holidays! I love to watch Christmas specials, read Christmas books to Ayla, go to the Festival of Trees, look at Christmas lights, have our nieces and nephew night out , sit back and relax with my little family and most of all focus on the meaning of Christmas, my savior, Jesus Christ and his birth!

Here is our tree.
Actually this is Ayla's tree. My parents bought us a tree this year for our Christmas present but my mom has consistently reminded me that it is Ayla's tree! I love that my sweet little girl is so loved!

Here is another picture of it without a flash. This picture kind of shows what it really looks like. Of course the picture doesn't do it justice. Also notice the shelf in the background? Yes, it is decorated in our Christmas decor! I love that little shelf!

Here it is with the lights off.

This is what we have under the tree. Our Little People Nativity and other toys and books. We don't have the presents under the tree because Ayla loves to open presents and I don't want to torcher her.

And every year I take the cards we have received in the past and use them as decor. I love to make a wreath out of them!

This is what is on our computer desk. I love silver decor! Actually almost all of our stuff is decorated in sliver and red, including our tree!

I actually have more decorations in the kitchen but I didn't take pictures. I am so grateful to be ready for Christmas!

Let the Christmas Holiday begin!!!


Ann Marie said...

I am SOOO jealous you are done!
I wish.. I wish.
With all of us being sick..I am super behind with everything! :(

LOVED all of the pictures.. and seeing your Grandparents. I spyed some DARLING lamps, mirrors and a chandelier in the pictures! haha

Ayla is getting so big! She looks so cute in front of "her" tree.. and the decorating shelf is too cute!

Enjoy the month my friend.. and thank you for all of your well wished with my Dad!

Christy said...

Those cupcakes were so cute! I wish I was good at baking. The pie looked amazing too. I'm hungry now! I love the cards you use to make a wreath what a cute idea. Can't wait to see you next month!

Jared and Laura said...

Cute pictures!! I love those cupcakes, they're adorable! And your Christmas decorations look perfect!! Not sure if you got the e-mail, but on Tues. Dec. 14th the book club is doing a little Christmas party, spouses included, at Colleen's house. Jared and I are going, and could pick you guys up if you wanted to come along.

M-Cat said...

Love all the pics!


PS - the Christmas card pic was so fun!