Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Christmas Decor!

If you are someone who reads my blog all the time, you know that every year and every holiday I get one new decoration. It usually comes from the dollar store. It is good to be frugal. 

Anyways, I decided this Christmas to do a craft. I wanted to do a big sign that reads, "The Stockings Were Hung..." with nails in it to hold our stocking. I had seen these signs before and I love them. I wanted to do this because we no longer have our mantel to hang our stockings from. I started to look around and estimate prices to make the sign. The vinyl alone was $20, so all in all the sign would cost a good $30. We don't have that kind of money right now. As I was pulling out our Christmas decor, I realized we needed a shelf for some of the stuff. Then I decided to buy a shelf and get a frame and make a sign. So I went to the D.I. I love the D.I.

Got this cute shelf for $3.

And this frame for a $1.

Then  I painted them white with some paint I already had.
 I need to paint the dresser I got Ayla from the D.I. but that is another project for a later post.

I then took twine and tied a bow around the berry wreath I got for a dollar at the dollar store and then I glued it to the frame. I put some red scrapbook paper inside the frame.

I then went to a scrapbook store and bought the letters for $6. I was quite happy with it. It cost a total of $11 thanks to the D.I. and having things laying around the house. I think I actually prefer the shelf and sign to the sign I was going to make. I love how everything looks on the shelf with the sign hanging above and the stockings hanging from the shelf. I love it! I am very proud of myself.

Now I will share some of our other decor.

This is the kitchen window. 
I love the windows in this house, they are good to put decorations on. One of my favorite things to use to decorate for Christmas is red bows. I love them!

Our tree is red and silver with red bows all over it. 
It matches all the garland on top of all the windows. Notice that our tree is behind the gate? Ya, I had the tree outside the gate and, after taking an hour to put it up,  Ayla tore it down and it fell on the floor. It was a mess. I thought of taking a picture of the mess but I was too flustered and I didn't want Ayla to play with the pile of mess. It didn't even look like a Christmas tree. I had to glue a couple of ornaments that broke. It is quite funny to think about it now. I am grateful for gates. We have not had any tree fatalities since. 

This is what I like to do with our Christmas cards we have received over the years. I save all of them and decorate with them. I love them! I like to read them as I put them out. I like to think of the people who love us to send them to us.  Do you like how I made my dad stand in the picture? He looks like an angel with his glowing shirt. He is such a sport. He will usually do anything I ask him to. He was over for lunch this day. He stops by at least twice a week for lunch. I love my dad. We are very close.

This is what is on top of our computer. I love silver decor.
Notice the little egg? It is a little Nativity. I love Nativities!

And of course our Little People Nativity is out again this year. Ayla loves this Nativity. This one will stay out for a while after the New Year. I have a hard time putting it away because Ayla and I love it. Grandma and Grandpa Perry gave it to us last year.

Well there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas decor. 


Nanette said...

I really want to get Murdock that nativity set-I have for a while now but it's a little more pricey than I can afford at the moment. Maybe next year.
I love the DI and miss it so much! Great job on the decorations!!

Suzanne said...

Look at you Miss Creative! You did a great job with the shelf! Well done! -Suzanne

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

wow you turned something drab into something amazing! i loved it,very crafty girl. im glad we got to see eachother at playgroup!!

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

That was amazing watching the steps you went through to decorate! very pretty, very nice. We have a "stuffed" nativity set that we put under the tree and it stays out for a while after the new years too - it is nice having a decoration that is very kid friendly.

Ann Marie said...

Three cheers for DI! Woot!! Woot!
You are very creative.. and it's fun to see everything you have done.

I have wanted a little people nativity for like.. um.. 3 years.. and I still don't have one.

*sigh* oneday... :)

TheIcePixy said...

I love your shelf and sign. The D.I. is the best!
All your decorating looks great!

Lilly loves her Little people nativity too. Whoever came up with that idea was a genius and is probably rich now. hmm, too bad it wasn't me. Yay for Grandparents though. . . without them we wouldn't have the nativity either.

Kandis & Derek said...

That shelf is super cute! I am honestly impressed with your frugalness