Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas catch up post!

Warning, long post but lots of pictures!

Let me just start off with a little story; here goes. On Saturday, I wanted to get a picture of Ayla and my nephew, Lane, on Santa's lap just like last year. Well, we went to the Valley Fair Mall and I couldn't believe their set up. It was Grizzly Hockey. Santa was sitting in an Ice Rink in front of a goaly and had a Grizzly Bear, in a Grizzly Jersey, holding a hockey stick. I hated it. It looked so commercialized. I am sorry, Grizzly Hockey is not Christmas. No offense to any Grizzly fans. I just didn't like that it wasn't a Christmas set up. 

So we decided to go to Fashion Place mall. I loved the set up there. The only problem was we got there just as they cut off the line to see Santa. They told us he will be back at 3:30 p.m. It was 1:30 p.m. So we decided to bag it and go on Monday to see him then. Plus we where having our ward Christmas party that night, so my parents and my nephew decided to join us. We thought maybe we'd get our picture then.

Here is Kurt, Ayla and I at the party.

My mom.
Notice Kurt in the background with a mop? Ya, Ayla dumped a whole glass of water.

My nephew, Lane and my dad.

For the entertainment they had each auxiliary sing a Christmas song. Here is Kurt with the Young Men and Young Women.  He is in Young Men's. I was so proud of him for getting up there.

Well back to the Santa story: Notice in the picture that Lane is the only one on his lap? What happened was: There was a sister directing, who sat on Santa's lap. Ayla was excited in the line to see Santa. She even pointed at him. Right when it was our turn, Ayla started to walk towards Santa and the sister stopped us and said it wasn't our turn. She then let a girl who was two families behind us go. I guess she didn't know we were next. Anyway Ayla wouldn't go near him after that. Strike number 3. I was like, "Are you kidding me!" Lane still looks cute on his lap.

This was the closest I could get her to him.

On Monday, we went back to Fashion Place Mall and saw Santa.

She wasn't having it then either. 
At least I got her to sit on his lap for 2 seconds to get a picture.

Close up. Look at her sad face. :(
He was an awesome looking Santa.

He was very nice and talked to me about the "Stranger, Danger, Thing." He said the best way to get a kid warmed up to Santa is to bring them to the mall a few times to meet him and then get your picture. I thought that was a good tip.

That night, we had our traditional, look at the Christmas lights, with the nieces and nephew night. You can see last year here.

We had sugar cookies and hot chocolate.

Here is my niece, Brooke.

This is Marion's boyfriend, Monty's nieces, Alissa and J.D. Such cute girls!

And of course my nephew, Lane.

My friend Melissa joined us.

Melissa took this picture of Marion getting Ayla ready to go out that night. I stole this picture from her Facebook pictures. We were going to Temple Square to look at the lights. So we needed to dress her warm.

Marion got her dressed half way and then she decided to sweep the floor.

Here she is in all her snow gear. 
I scored the snow pants from the D.I. for $3. Her moon boots were more. I bought those new. They were hard to find so I ended up paying $34. I guess the D.I. helped us out again by balancing the money. Thanks D.I.!

Cute girl!!

This was Ayla's first time facing forward in the car. We turned her around so she could see the lights. She quite enjoyed it. She wasn't happy when I had to put her back to facing rear. They say that you shouldn't face your kid forward until they are 30 pounds but that is being really protective. And I am very protective. She only weighs 23 pounds. They said I could probably put her forward regularly but I think I will at least wait until she is 2 and weighs at least 25 pounds.

I love the Christus!
Like I said, we went to Temple Square. My niece, Brooke took this picture. I thought it turned out beautiful.

I guess the snow gear paid off. Ayla feel asleep.

Part of the gang, with the temple in the back ground.

Cute picture of the kiddos! 
Notice how Brooke poses in each picture. She is so funny and cute. I love her!

Melissa's boyfriend, Aaron joined up with us at the Temple. I love this picture of them. Feel free to steal it Melissa.

Most of the gang in front of the temple.

Kiddos once more.
We had a good time.

There you have it. I am caught up. If you lasted through this post. Thanks for sticking with me! 

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!!


Suzanne said...

That was unbelievable with the Santa. Really? Making her wait! I think it is the age thing that they cry on his lap. I bet next year, it will be a lot better! Love your temple light pictures! Merry Christmas Heather! -Suzanne

Kandis & Derek said...

Merry Christmas to you!
P.S. I'm going with Ayla on the whole Santa being scarey thing, I mean "he knows when you and sleeping and knows when you're awake!" He's a bit of a stalker!

Ann Marie said...

LOL! I LOVE the crying Santa pictures.. I think they are better than the nice ones.. Oh how they make me smile! :)

Heather.. Heather.. As your (almost) older sister...We need to have a talk about the car seat stuff. Who told you 30 pounds? It's 20!!! In fact.. if there legs are scrunched facing back.. it can be more dangerous.

They have places that firemen or police can look at your seats and advise you with and if they are properly restrained.. I would go to be safe and sure..

I'm sad we havent made it to Temple square. Hope we can go after Christmas? We'll see.

Love you lots and Merry Christmas!!

Nanette said...

I love lights at Temple Square. I miss them so much!
Merry Christmas!
(And don't worry-we paid $25 for Murdock's boots.)

{Mo} said...

It looks like you've had some fun leading up to Christmas! I Love the crying santa pictures.....they always crack me up!
I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Oh, and thank you for the card, Ayla is a doll!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

are they retarded? hockey?
arden hated santa too...i think ours was drunk.
fitting tho...

Miss Megan said...

Don't feel too bad. PK hates Santa too. This year when he showed up to my work Christmas party he started screaming when Santa walked through the door. ha ha. Gotta love it!