Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Saturday!!!

We had a fun filled Saturday. We started the day off at Denny's restaurant with my family for breakfast.

Ayla couldn't decide what to get.

What are you getting?
Then she realized she couldn't get anything because she doesn't know how to eat table foods yet. I am going to start her on them though. Sorry Ayla. Maybe next time.

After Denny's, my family and I took off to the mall so that Lane and Ayla could see Santa and have their pictures with him.

They took 3 pictures and this was the best out of the 3. Ayla looks like she is wondering what is going on? Lane looks totally stiff. I think it is cute anyways.
I really liked the Santa because he had a real beard.

After the mall, Kurt, Ayla and I took off to Grandma and Grandpa Perry's to visit. We also brought our niece, Brooke, because my sister and I had a fun filled activity for our nieces and nephews that night. Krista had come up with Morganne and Baby Kurt. I wish I had taken some cute pictures of the kids but Brook and I were only there for an hour and I didn't think about it at the time. Oh well. I will get some cute pictures of them on Christmas Eve.

After my in-laws, Brooke and I headed to my sister's house to meet, Lane, JD, Alissa and my mother and, of course, my sister there. 

My sister came up with the tradition of taking the nieces and nephews out to look at Christmas lights. We have sugar cookies and hot chocolate and go driving around looking at the Christmas lights. We did it last year and had a lot of fun, so we did it again this year and had fun again.

Everyone in the car!! I don't know what Lane is doing with his hands but every time I took a picture he would do this. It had me cracking up!! LOL!! I love you Lane. 

If you notice Melissa came and joined us too. She is in the back with Brooke and Lane.

This is a picture of my favorite house. 
We went there first. The only problem is, now the yard is starting to be taken over by the inevitable blow up Characters. I am sorry  and I hope no one takes offence but I am getting sick of the blow up things. I liked them in the beginning but now I just find them annoying. Just my opinion. Though I do still love this house because it is so lit up! 

I hope you can see the carousel in the picture. I know you can't see the farris wheel. It is moving so I couldn't get a good picture of it. Those are my two favorite items in this yard. Such a cute house.
My mother was such a sport to drive us all around. You can kind of see her hair in these two pictures.

We then went to Christmas street but I could not get any good pictures of it because the van was moving the whole time. 

We then went to another street in Magna that was lit up. We got out at this street and walked it.

Everyone at the first house. 
LtoR top: Marion and Melissa
bottom: Alissa, Brooke, JD and Lane.

This was in the yard of that house.

I took a picture of this house because I loved this house. I thought it was a beautiful home. Though, I think it is too large for me. But it's still beautiful.

I was so happy a blow up was right by the side walk so I decide to take a swing at it.

I got everyone in on the rage.

And this is was the after math of some of the ones I got a hold of.

NOTE: No worries, no blow-ups were really punched or harmed in the making of this post.

This was the last house on the street. It had snowflakes all over it. I love the big one on top of the house. 

After that street, we called it a night.

When I got home that night, I came home to:

My mother-in-law had just recently bought this Nativity. I fell in love with it. I had been wanting a kid one so Ayla could play with it instead of mine. Ayla loved it too and so my mother-in-law gave it to us. 

Ayla plays with it all the time now.

It is so cute. You press down on the Angel and it plays the song "Away in a Manger" and it has a light that glows down on Baby Jesus. 

I love that Ayla loves to play with the Baby Jesus. If she is drawn to any of the pieces, I am glad it is Baby Jesus. 


This should probably be on its own post but I added it to today's post because time is getting really slim right now because of the holidays.

I am sure you remember this picture from the last post. I had mentioned I loved all my mantel pieces but that they didn't match everything else. Well this kept bugging me and so I did something about it today.

I went and bought some Garland and some lights, added some of my extra tree ornaments to it, put my red table runner on the bottom of everything and wa la!! 
I love it now. It matches our tree!!

It looks real pretty in the dark. This picture doesn't do it justice.

And now this is what our Christmas corner looks like with the new nativity and mantel. Plus, I had to raise the ribbons with the cards because Ayla got a hold of one of the cards.


Ann Marie said...

Fun post!
I was LOL at Ayla at the restaurant. What are your getting?
Soo cute!

I hate the blow up things also.
And yes, I will use the word HATE.

I love those Nativities! I have wanted one for a few years, and they are hard to get.. LUCKY!!

Love the change in the mantle, and one again, everything looks great!
PS: Love the Gingerbread house!!

Leah said...

oh, where on earth did she get that nativity? I love it. I would really like one for Noah. Can you please ask her where she got it.

I love your new garland. It's just makes everthing come together.

{Mo} said...

I'm with you and Ann....I'm hating blow up things too! Looks like you had a fun day :)