Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I finally finished the sock dolls!!!

I am so excited that I finished the sock dolls I was making for Christmas. I bought the kits to make the dolls from our Super Saturday from Relief Society. I loved these dolls. We made 62 of these African sock dolls in Relief Society for and Enrichment activity. Then the Relief Society Presidency sent the dolls with some wooden toy cars to a day care in Africa. The children there didn't have much. They barely had any books. That is why we decided to make the dolls and toy cars to send them to those sweet children, as one of our humanitarian projects. I made 7 of the dolls and I was proud of them. I really got the hang of them and I wanted to make one for Ayla and I promised my niece, Brooke, I would make one for her because she wanted one of the ones I made for the humanitarian project. And when they had the kits for dolls for Super Saturday, I was excited and jumped at the chance because I didn't have to go and buy all the material. It was all right there. So I decided to make them for my two nieces and my little one for Christmas.  I did this post because I wanted to show how long it took to make them and I am so proud at how they turned out.

This what the kit looked like. 
You have a pair of socks, some batting for the stuffing, two little eyes, yarn hair that they curled for you, ribbon, elastic for the pantaloons and some material for the clothes that was pre-cut into the shape of the clothes but you had to sew them without a pattern.

This is what my kitchen table looked like for two weeks because I wanted to get all the sewing that needed to be done on the sewing machine done first. 

I was happy to get my table back though my table has been taken over this past week with Christmas cards and getting them out. So it is a mess again. Oh well. That is how it goes!

The first week I made the clothes and the second week I sewed the socks into the bodies.

I made four dolls: one large one for each of the girls and one small one for Ayla. So Ayla gets two.

Then it took a day to stuff them all.

It took two days to sew on all the arms. Then another day to sew the eyes on. I had to show this picture because I thought it was funny that I had left them for a moment and when I came back,  Kurt had them set up like this. LOL!!!

Then it took a day to put their hair on.

And it took one more day to put the elastic in the pantaloons and tie all the ribbons around their necks and bows in their hair. I think they turned out adorable!!!

I am so grateful for Relief Society because we learn so many skills and bond with all the sisters.


Leah said...

oh, heather. They look like Cabbage Patch Kids. I love them. Great job. You have been working forever on them. It's good to see them finished. Will you now make one more for Noah? Well, let me ask Evan first, I'm not sure if he'll let Noah have dolls. =) hee,hee

Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh!!
They are so cute, now I wish I myself had one!! SERIOUSLY!

If I knew they weren't so hard on you, I'd beg you to do it.. :)

You amaze me.. You are a talented girl!

Chad and Clair said...

Good work. You have mush more patience than I do. They turned out really good. I would love how to make those some time. Maybe you could give me some tips.

Tierra Lynne said...

WOW! Phew! Those turned out so cute and I agree w/ Leah...They looked like cabbage patch dolls.

The picture where Kurt set them up has me ROLLLING!!! That was too funny! Job VERY well done! If it had been me...well, lets just say my table would still be covered! LOL