Monday, December 15, 2008

The Harvey Christmas party!

On Saturday, we went to the Harvey Christmas party. This is a tradition that started 3 years ago. We call it that because the Harveys host it at their house.  Jay Harvey has been Kurt's friend since J.R. High and they invite Brant and Jared as well who have also been their friends since J.R. High. We always have treats and hot chocolate and play games. 

This year Dawn (Jay's wife) prepared dinner. It was very yummy. She had made a pasta Lasagna and some homemade bread sticks. I had to peel and pick through the cheese because I can't have dairy right now, due to the fact that I am still breastfeeding Ayla and she has an allergy to milk. Dawn felt bad and said she would have made something different if she would have known. It was no big deal. The pasta with the meat and the sauce was very tasty and I ate about 4 of the bread sticks. I was impressed at the bread sticks because she made them from scratch. Way to go Dawn. They were yummy. I need the recipe.

This is Jay Harvey. The one holding the guitar.

Jared is to the left and he and his wife brought the game "Rockband." That is why Jay has a guitar. This was the first time I had actually seen this game played. I had only heard of it in the past. It was pretty funny and awesome because they had a person on the guitar, on the drums and one person sung. The game plays music that most people are familiar with. Their favorite one to play was "Say it ain't So" by Weezer.

Ayla wasn't so sure what to make of this.

Notice Kurt on the drums. Go Honey!!!

Brant was playing the guitar and Jared was singing. They got really good at this game. They had a lot of fun. While us wives chit chat and played a game called "Blockus." I think that was what it was called. I am not sure. I also played a lot with Ayla.

Kurt on the drums again.

Kurt jamming out on the guitar. Rock on Honey!!!

Ayla discovered the stairs. We don't have stairs in our apartment, of course. Most apartments don't.

This was her first time on the stairs and I had to help her a little bit and Dawn helped her too at the top of the stairs.

She made me nerves of course.

But she did it.

The second time she did it, she didn't even need help because she had motivation. Jay had gone to get their kids from the baby sitter and Ayla of course saw Caleb and she wanted to play with him. She raced up the stairs in no time. I was impressed that she learned so quickly. Mommy's proud of you Ayla!!!

And of course, Ayla wanted to play with the tree. So I had to watch her close with it. I am glad we didn't do a big tree this year. Thanks to Daddy's wise councel to me. Thanks daddy. Maybe next year Ayla!

One of the traditions we try and do at this Christmas party is play the game "Balderdash." We played it the first year and had a blast. We were cracking up at some of the definitions, that people would come up with, especially Jared. He had us rolling the first year. This year Kurt and I missed the game because we had to leave so I could get Ayla to bed so that I could get some rest. I am sure that they had a blast and just died laughing. 

I am so glad that the Harveys do this every year now. It is something that Kurt and I look forward to. I am so glad that Kurt has such good friends and I am glad they grew up together because you become like the people you hang around with. Thank you Jay, Brant and Jared. And thank you Harveys for such a good time!


Ann Marie said...

How fun!
Glad you both had a good time.
Friend parties Rock!

Rock band is fun.. I have only been the "singer" before..

Shh. Chad's getting that game for Christmas.. Glad you liked it.
We are a board game family!!

Leah said...

I love ROCK BAND. It's so much fun. Zac and Priscilla have that game. They have brought it over to our house....we love it. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to play, but then I got into it. We played all night long.

So much fun.

Looks like you had a great night out with friends. =)

ps. Your money is on the way. Sorry it's late.....CRAZY Christmas stuff