Friday, December 5, 2008

Ayla's games!

You know those stackable rings that every small child owns? Well, Ayla loves her stackable rings and she has made up a couple of games to play with them.

She loves to play with them by our front door and she will bounce them off the tile and chase after them and continue to bounce them all over, again and again. She is so cute.

Another game she plays, is she will take one of her spoons and stick it in the center of the ring and slide them all over the tile and, like the bouncing, she will chase after them. 

We call this game Ayla race (Kurt came up with the name). What we do is spread out the rings  all over the living room and then we help her stand and race for each individual ring and then bring it back to the center of the room where the red spike is and help her put the rings on the spike. She is getting really good at this game. She will pick up the rings herself and she pretty much puts the rings on the spike herself. Way to go Ayla!!!

Now I will like to share some of her accomplishments that she has done this week.

She started to clap her hands. I tried to get a picture of her clapping them but all I could get was this one of her clapping her rings together. She loves her rings.

She pulled herself up onto her feet for the first time on Tuesday. This picture was actually during that moment she had done it for her first time. She is now trying to perfect it.

Ayla has cut a new tooth. It is the front left tooth. If you click on the picture you can see the bump on our right side (her left).

She loves to make messes, especially her diapers. She did this last month but she loves to make messes if she can.


{Mo} said...

So cute Heather! It's so fun to watch them grow and learn new things!

Ann Marie said...

She is growing soo fast!
The picture of her in front of the child gate looks like " OK, I can almost get out of here.. "
So cute! Love the Ayla games.

Leah said...

This weekend I went out and bought Noah a set of those rings. He loves them. Evan loves them too. He was playing "horse shoes" with them.
Ayla is getting so big....She went from crawling, to pulling her self up really fast. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Noah.

D-Crew said...

what fun accomplishments! It is so exciting to see them learn new things!! She is SO adorable and sweet like her mom!!