Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 cakes, 2 different events!

Last Friday was a lot of fun. I finally got to take my friend, Ann her New Moon cake that I made her. We also went to see New Moon with her little family. I love her family. 

Here is the cake I made. 
I bought a white tulip, painted it with a red sharpy and then cut it up. Notice that the cake says, "Team Edward." Ya, I am a Team Edward fan and so is Ann. I actually made two of these cakes. I made one for me. I wanted my own. Also I served mine at my little get together with my family and friends that Saturday. We all went to see New Moon together. So altogether I saw New Moon 3 times and loved it. I didn't get pictures on Saturday but I did on Friday.

Here is Ann with her cake.

Ann and me sitting on her couch. I love visiting with Ann. She is truly one of my sisters.

Like I said, we went with her little family to the movie. I had her son, Christian stand over by Alvin and the chipmunks. I thought the statues were so cute but Christian is even a cuter little boy. Such a good sport.

Here is Ann's family in the theater.
L to R Ann, Tenney, Chad and Christian.

This was taken after the movie. 
The girl sitting next to Tenney is Ann's niece. She and her grandparents were in the theater at the same time.

After all my fun with Ann, I got to have fun with my friend, Emily. She came over that night and I helped her with a fondant Hello Kittie cake for her daughter's birthday party.

I think it turned out adorable. Emily did a great job helping me with the cake. I hate to do fondant but I didn't mind helping her out. It was a lot of fun having her over. She is such a blast. She is so hilarious! I love you Emily!

That Saturday, Ayla and I went to Emily's daughter, Arden's birthday party. 

Look at how cute the cake looked with every thing else that Emily put together. So cute! Good job Emily!

This is Little Miss Arden, the birthday girl. Don't you just love her tutu? 
Notice in the background the Hello Kittie poster? Emily made it for pin the tail on the donkey (well in this case pin the bow on the Hello Kittie.) It was a cute little party.

Ayla enjoyed having a balloon. 
Notice her hair? How in the world do you get a girl to leave her bows in her hair? Her hair was a mess.

Had to share this one. I love how cute Ayla looks from the back holding the balloon.

One with Little Miss Arden. 
I couldn't get a good one of Arden, she was too excited for her party.

Some of the kids that were there. Notice Ayla in the background? She kind of stood off to the side while the other kids played. She is very shy.

I love this picture of Emily with a Hello Kittie Arden got for one of her presents. Emily was so excited. 
And just a funny little side note: Arden and one of her friends that was there were sneaking her presents into her room and opening them before it was time. Arden is a smart little girl.

Little Miss Arden with her cake, while we sang "Happy Birthday."
I call her Little Miss Arden because that is what her mom calls her.

She blew out her candles 3 times before we were done singing. She is so funny! LOL!!

Thanks Ann, Emily and my family and friends who went with me to the movie Saturday for such a fun weekend. 

One last note: Kurt and I spoke in church that Sunday. It went well. I am glad it is over with. It was a good growing experience. 


Ann Marie said...

I love the pictures!

I am a goob. For sure.

Love the Hello Kitty cake.. and well everything!

I still havent opened your talk up. I have to do it on a different computer.. We don't have Windows office on my lap top. Thank you for speaking about me.. you are such a sweet "sister". XO

T. L. C. said...

OMG Heather I LOVE the new moon cake! Srsly. That was the best one I've seen! Is that a real flower on it????

And the Hello kitty...You just keep gettin better and better.

Consider yourself now undercontract for cakes if I ever live near you :)

I feel as if I havent talked to you in FOREVER! I hope I get a christmas card this year!!!

Your little redhead is growing and I'm so excited for you as you get to see her really come into herself!

I heard you had the H1N1! Oh my goodness, I hope it wasnt that bad and I was so sorry to hear you didnt get to go to the new moon party!

Please know I think of you lots and wish you well!
Merry Christmas and I'll be sending you a card!

ML said...

Wow! Beautiful cakes! You're going to have to give me some lessons. Maybe you should open your own little bakery.

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

loved the cakes girl! you are fabulous:) and thanks for helping me, i couldnt have done it without your help. it would have been so funny looking without you. thursday i think were gunna do playgroup...hopefully. everyone craps out on it because sick kids and boogers n stuff. but i will let you know...also we need to do lunch!! when works for you?

Jesi said...

Your so talented!! Love the cakes. Hope your doing good.