Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun with Ayla! #2 (The Valley Fair Mall)

I have a lot of Christmas posts I have to catch up on, so bare with me. I will do them in between posts and I am going to try and keep them short.

This post is the second post in the the Fun with Ayla series. Remember the first one? Well, in the first one we went to "Yo Gabba Gabba Live", I took Ayla to the movies for her first time in a theater to see "Tangled" and then after the movie we took Ayla to see Santa. After that day, Ayla kept asking to see Santa so I took her the next week to see him but this time we went with my nephew, Lane and my mom. We always go with Lane and my mom every year to see Santa as a tradition.

They had this large, beautiful, Christmas tree out in the front of Valley Fair Mall. I loved it!
I love how off centered the tree is in this picture. I actually had a lot of pictures that were off centered. I don't know what I was doing that night with my camera.

The tree would change different colors.

Here they are with Santa.
Look, Ayla is actually sitting on his lap! Last time she just stood by him. I guess she started to warm up to him since she had already saw him once.

I was really impressed at how they have fixed up this mall. I loved that they had this small carousel. Ayla loves carousels.
Don't you love the off centered picture?


Lane got on too.
He is eating the candy cane he got from Santa. I thought it was cool Santa gave those out.

They also had a little train there during the holiday. I loved it!

Ayla waiting to ride the train with her candy cane face!

Ayla and Lane with their candy cane faces!

Ayla on the train.

Me, Lane and Ayla!

It took you around the mall and it even took you outside.

Got one of just Ayla in the train.

Here Lane is rocking out to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. LOL!!!32 They had the tree synchronized to the music.

It was awesome!

After all that fun we went to eat at "NYPD PIZZA." This was also at the mall. They have added a lot of business outside the mall so it is an indoor and outside mall.

Ayla and Lane coloring.

I love to see her drink from a straw! She is so cute!

I love the picture of Lane showing off his coloring job!

And of course we had pizza. It is funny to me that Ayla loves pizza even though I have to take off all the good stuff, like cheese because she has a milk allergy. I guess the crust and the sauce are good enough.

What a fun night! I love Christmas traditions!


Tiffany said...

Oh those are SO cute, I saw the train outside one day when we went to Costco, I guess we should of gone and checked it out!! Looks like a lot of fun!!

Ann Marie said...

That is a cool train and tree!

Wow.. Valley Fair has completely changed since I have been there...

I have seen a few of those pizza places... is that place good?

Krista said...

I love these photos! What a fun holiday for you and Kurt and Ayla. :) Thanks for sharing!

Garden of Egan said...

That train is awesome!!!!
You should have recorded the Transiberian Orchestra. I love them.

Sounds like you made a bunch of wonderful memories.
So much fun to have little ones!
You are the best.