Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun with Ayla! #3 (The North Pole Express)

So one Friday afternoon, in December my Mother-in-law called me and asked me if I wanted to take Ayla on, "The North Pole Express" in Heber. She told me that our good friend Susan and her family had extra tickets and invited us to come along. I was so excited to see Susan, I became really close to her through visiting teaching. I was her visiting teacher. She has been such a blessing in my life!

Here she is with me!
Notice I am dressed like I am going skiing? Ya, last time I went on this train ride it was freezing! And last time they called it, "The Polar Express." I don't know why the decided to change it to "The North Pole Express." Maybe to be on the safe side, so they don't get in trouble for using the name.

Here is a picture of the group of us!
Morganne, my Mother-in-law, Ayla and me.

We had a great time riding the train to the North Pole!!!

A cute one of Morganne!

Ayla looking out the window!

The two of them looking out the window!
They rode like this most of the time. They wanted to be able to see the North Pole when we got there.

The train was all deck out in holiday decor!

They gave out cookies and hot chocolate!

Ayla with her hands in the air!
She was treating the train ride like it was a roller coaster. She loves rides and loves to put her hands up. She is a lot like her mommy! Don't you love the chocolate face she has?

They passed out bells while we all sang "Jingle Bells."
We didn't get to keep them but Grandma bought all the grand kids bells from the gift shop. They were a lot bigger than the bells they let us barrow.

When we finally reached the North Pole....

Mrs. Clause came on the train first to greet all of us!
Ayla and Morganne loved meeting her!

And then Santa came!
Ayla and Morganne were so excited to see him they could hardly wait!

Santa visited with Ayla and Morganne, asked them what they wanted for Christmas and then gave them each a little toy top. The look on Morganne's face says it all!

We had a wonderful trip to "The North Pole!"

A special thanks to Susan and her family for letting us come!


The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

How fun! I can't wait to take Noah on a train. They have one at Dollywood, and if you get there early and ask, they'll let you sit up front with the conductor :) I think Noah would LOVE it!

You all sure were busy in December, keep the Christmas post coming :)


Cherie said...

Heather that looks so fun! I have heard about that train ride in Heber and would love to go on it one year!

What memories Ayla will have!

M-Cat said...

Next year - I am TOTALLY going to take Sissy to do this! I have wondered, but now you have sold me!