Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We took Ayla sledding for her first time!

Kurt took the day off yesterday and we took Ayla sledding for her first time! We had a blast!

Kurt pulled her up the hill this way.

Ayla and her Daddy!

I used the tube we got most of the time.

Ayla and Daddy going up the hill!

The sled was definitely faster than the tube!

And one of Ayla and me!
This was taken right before we left. Ayla wasn't very happy by this point, she was cold and wanted to go home. :(

This was her after we got home! :)

Enjoy the videos below.
They are very short.

This was Ayla's very first time down the hill!

This was her first time down the hill with her mommy.

I love this one!!!!!

This was Ayla's last time down the hill by herself!

We had so much fun! I hope we go again very soon!


Nancy Face said...

Oh, SOOO much fun! :)

I wish it would snow here! It got cold enough the past week, but only some of the outlying areas got lucky enough to see some snowflakes!

Garden of Egan said...

That looks like a cold day!
You may want to be taking her out sledding every day to wear her out like that.
Such a cute picture!

Katie said...

whoo hoo sledding is the bomb, your family is so cute :)

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh - How cute are these pictures.
It is so fun that Ayla is at an age where you can do so many things with her now. Yayyyyy!

Harriett said...

Looks like the three of you had a blast so glad you have a happy family