Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ayla clips!

I just wanted to share a couple of clips of Ayla. In the first one, she is trying to eat with a spoon. The second one is funny to me because she kept walking around the bar stool in the kitchen every time my friend, Melissa turned on her Easter Bunny she got from Grandma and Grandpa Perry. She dances a little bit with it as well. She even busts out the Flash Dance move. 

So Wes and Amber Ayla need to get together with Holden and bust the moves with him! Especially the Flash Dance!


Ann Marie said...

Ayla is too cute!
I love that she kept circling the bar stool.. Kids are so funny!

Suzanne said...

She is so adorable!! I could eat her up! She must bring you great joy! -Suzanne

Suzanne said...

PS - Turns out she had strep. She is doing so much better now! -Suzanne

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

shes too cute it.hope you are well:)

T. L. C. said...

Go Ayla! I only got to watch the first video clip :( Something must be wrong with my computer because it wont let me watch the second!!

She is really growing though. All that she can do just keeps on going and it makes you feel so sad that their growing. I miss my nephew at Ayla's stage!