Friday, April 3, 2009

Some things I am happy about!

I wanted to blog about a few things that have made me happy the past couple weeks.

First I am going to start with Ayla. She turned 13 months a week and a half ago. She gained 2 pounds and grew an inch and a half. So now she weighs 18 lbs and she is 30 inches long. Yay! Right before she turned 1, she didn't grow for 3 months. I was concerned. I found out I should have been feeding her table foods. Well, I started her on them right away.

Here she is eating spaghetti.
I am so happy now because she is growing and eating different foods. It was a little hard because she is a picky eater and she used to choke a lot. I have found some foods she likes and she is getting pretty good at eating. Yay!!

Some of her accomplishments during her 12th month are:
She mastered walking and now she can run.
She has become quite the little dancer.
She received two more teeth and they are on both sides of her front teeth.
She has realized what a cell phone is for.

Here is a picture of her acting like she is talking on her Tinker Bell phone.
She cracks me up. She makes me so happy.

This past Thursday my mom and Ayla and I visited my Grandma, Marion. While we were there, Grandma, Marion gave Ayla a cute little bunny that she had crocheted. It is darling.

Here it is.
It makes me happy because Ayla now has another sentimental thing from her Great Grandma, Marion.

Ayla loves it too.
It makes her happy, which makes me happy too!
Last but not least, the last thing I want to blog about that makes me happy is:

You see this family?
This is my best friend Leah, her husband, Evan and their little boy Noah. They are coming to Utah to visit. It will be the first time Evan has ever flown and he will be flying from Tennessee. I am so excited. I can't wait until next month because they will be here. This makes me so happy.

The only thing that would make me even happier is if Tierra came with them. But I understand if she can't. I still love you Tierra. Please try to come!


Higgs Happenin's said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your baby girl is so cute!!

Nanette said...

Those are certainly things that can make a person happy. I know I say it all the time, but I love the pictures you share-they make me smile and very happy!

Ann Marie said...

I LOVE your happy!
I'm happy Ayla is eating more, and SUPER exited Happy that Leah is coming!!! Woot! Woot!

Have a good and Inspiring weekend!!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

shes so sweet heather! and that bunny, i love it. i wish i could do that:)i need to take a class when things arent so hectic around here!

Anonymous said...

I lost all of my contact info on Leah and I have been wanting to get a hold of her for quite some time, but with her internet down I can't. Can you help me? My email address is
By the way your daughter is the cutest little thing ever.

Me said...

Those are all good things to be happy about. Yeah that Ayla is eating better! Its always fun yet interesting to see them eat people food.

And I'm glad that Leah is coming out. I've met her a couple of times and she is so sweet. I know that you and Ann are really happy about that.

And I too hope that Tierra comes. it would be awesome to meet her.

Nancy Face said...

Awww...the bunny crocheted by Great Grandma Marion is so darling! Have tons of fun with Leah and her family! :)

T. L. C. said...

OOOOOOOO Heather! This was a great post! ayla is getting so big and the big grin with spagettie is adorable!

Would your great grandmother make me a bunny? j/k Its so precious! I loved it!

But, im sad to report that i wont be able to come. I really want to. More then you all know but my big family vacation is right after in june and i just cant spend the money on two big trips right now back to back.

But i sooooooooooo happy that leah got evan to come and fly! I'm nervous and happy for him!

Suzanne said...

That is so wonderful that Leah is coming. yay for you guys!! The bunny is adorable!! So cute! That will be a great keepsake forever! -Suzanne

Cherie said...

Cute Cute pictures of Ayla! Lovin' the bunny - what a treasure that will be to her always!