Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy, Wonderful Saturday!

I had a busy but wonderful Saturday. I started the morning out going out to my parents and making waffles for them. We decided to start having breakfasts at our homes due to my dad getting a different position at his work. He was getting too tired driving his garbage truck all around and pushing garbage containers out to dump them. He has been doing this hard work for as long as I can remember. Well, his work gave him an easier position where he fixes cans and delivers them to places. He gets paid the same but he has less hours but he doesn't have to get up at 2:30 am anymore. He gets up around 5 am. It is like sleeping in for him. It has been a blessing to see him relax for once in his life. Anyway, because he doesn't make as much, we take turns making breakfast at our places. Marion requested me to make waffles out at our parents so that is what I did.

Marion, Dad and uncle Ernie
I make the waffles from scratch. I am getting pretty good at them. Kurt loves it when I make them. He eats all the left-overs for breakfast all week. He just puts them in the toaster.

Lane was there too.
He enjoyed the waffles too. I love Lane. 

Ayla enjoyed them as well.

After breakfast, Ayla and I went home and got ready for Sunday. I gave her a bath and got her clothes out. I ironed Kurt's shirts he wears to church. Then I had to hurry and go grocery shopping. 

After, shopping, I left Ayla with Kurt because she was napping and I didn't want to wake her. I had a baptism I was going to and then I had Young Women's conference right after. So I thought I would just leave Kurt and Ayla home to make it easier on myself and it was. I missed them terribly but I made it to both events and enjoyed them both.

The baptism I went to was for my friend, Ann's daughter, Tenney. Tenney had just turned 8 this month and decided to be baptised. I am so proud of her. 

Tenney with her dad, Chad.
Chad had the honor of baptising and confirming Tenney a member of the church. What an honor that was for my friend, Ann to watch her husband perform such a sacred thing with his daughter.

I really enjoyed the baptism. The spirit was so strong there. I really enjoyed the talks that Ann's father and sister gave on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have known Ann for 10 years and have gotten to know her whole family pretty well. They are all so nice to me and mean a lot to me. Her parents raised a wonderful daughter and have been examples to me and they have always welcomed me with open arms.
After the services were over, we all left the Stake center and went to Ann's church where we got to have some soup and dessert.

I got this handsome picture of Ann's son, Christian in his suite, right as we were all leaving.

Here is Tenney in her pretty white dress at the luncheon.

Here is her little sister, Mary. Darling.

Right after, I had a couple bowls of yummy taco soup, I had to head out for the Young Women's general conference. I had a ticket to go downtown to the actual conference itself. I hurried and parked at Trax and rode that to the conference. As I was walking to the conference building from Trax, I decided to cut through Temple Square.

The Temple looked so beautiful from that angle. I had to take a picture.

I also had to take a picture of the conference center coming out of Temple Square. I loved that they had the Young Women's values hanging up in the door ways. 

The conference was wonderful but my favorite part was:

Hearing from our prophet, Thomas S. Monson. 
It was the most amazing experience to hear a prophet's voice live. I have heard him live before but at that time he was not the prophet yet. It was totally different this time. I could feel the spirit so strong witness to me that he is the prophet of the church. There is no doubt in my mind that this man is our beloved prophet. I am so grateful for him and his love that he has for us. I love him dearly and he means a lot to me. I loved how he addressed the young women, as if he was their father.  I will never forget that moment, my first time hearing a prophet's voice live. I will always cherish it. 

I love you president Monson!


Nanette said...

I just love your blog! Thank you for sharing your pictures and testimony-they mean a lot to me you sweet girl. The pictures of downtown brought tears to my eyes-I am just so homesick!!! Thank you so very much!!

Me said...

We had a great but busy Saturday too. I'm glad that you enjoyed your Saturday too. I want your waffle recipe too. My kids keep asking for me to make them, but I hate the mix stuff.

Ryan and Laura said...

Heather!! I am glad you found me! You have a cute little family!! My how things change after 10 years!!

Cherie said...

I had to laugh at the picture of your Uncle. It looks like you totally shocked him with the camera -he looks so surprised!
I love that your family gets together for breakfast - fun idea.

That is so neat that you got to go to Tenney's baptism and to the YW broadcast at the Conf. center. There is definately some perks to living in Utah.

Love all the pictures - Just beautiful!

Ann Marie said...

Oh how I loved this post!

I cryed through the part about Saturday.. You should have gotten a picture of my parents with you.. They love you too.

I love you Heather. Thank you for coming and spending the afternoon with us. It's always a bright day when I get to see you.

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the temple, and for your testimony about President Monson. I love them!!

PS: We love waffles from scratch only also! In fact.. We don't do any mixes in our house except for brownies and cakes!

Anonymous said...

WOW what a great day. You accomplished so much. I love it when that happens you feel so much better about your weekend.

Suzanne said...


You are the sweetest thing! That is so great that you get together with your family for breakfast!! Waffles from scratch? You are AMAZING!! My day was similar to yours and wasn't the broadcast WONDERFUL!! Keep being you and keep sharin that testimony of yours! Love ya! -Suzanne

D-Crew said...

Heather, you have such a beautiful soul! I love keeping an eye on you! Feel free to post your yummy waffle recipe! I could totally use a good one! LOVE YOU!r

Nancy Face said...

This really WAS a wonderful Saturday! I loved reading about it! I've never made waffles from scratch, but my daughter has made them for me! :)