Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ayla's Birthday Party!

Well it has been a while since my last post. Kurt has been on the main computer, doing a lot of work. So I haven't been able to get the pictures I wanted from the desktop until today. Anyway, I got them and I am posting from our laptop.

This seems like a very long post but it will be mostly pictures, so it shouldn't be too long.

Anyway, this is how Ayla's 1st birthday party went:

Here is the invitation I sent out. I made them myself with material from around the apartment. I found the Kermit the Frog image on google images. It was on a t-shirt. I photoshoped him out and used this image for everything. Kermit was the theme of the party because Ayla loves the clip, disco frog. Kermit is singing and dancing in it. If you want to see it, it is on my sidebar with the links.

The invitation reads "Hi, Ho, Kermit the Frog here, wanting to announce that you have been invited to Ayla Dawn Perry's 1st birthday party!!" Cute huh?

The Decor:

Here is the large cake I made for the party. I had to draw him on with a toothpick and then fill him in because I didn't have a large enough freezer to do a transfer. So I free handed him. I think it turn out great.

I also did a small 6" round cake just for Ayla.
I was able to do a transfer on this one. Then I filled him in.

Here is the picture I took for her 1st birthday.
I made the T-shirt and had her pose with Kermit. I had to take 50 pictures to get this cute one!

I put the picture in a frame for decoration with the cakes on the cake table.
We had the party at my church because there was no way I wanted to cram everyone into our small 2 bedroom apartment. I thought the cake table turned out cute.

Here is the gift table.
Kermit is sitting on top of the gift that Kurt and I got her. I have 2 of these Kermits because I love Kermit. I gave one to Ayla though, because she loves him too now. The Kermits were great to have on hand to use for the decorations.

Here is the gift table when it was filled up after everyone had arrived.
I put Ayla's high-chair between the cake table and the gift table. It looked cute. I wish I had a picture of that but I don't.

Here is what all the tables looked like. I had 5 set up with white and green table clothes and white and green balloons as their center pieces.

This was my first party that I had planned all by myself. Speical thanks to al those who helped me set up. I was very proud of how it turned out.

Who was there:

Arron, Melissa, John and Amy - some of my close friends.

My sister-in-law, Carolyn and my brother, Robert.
Notice the hot dog Robert is modeling? We had hot dogs for dinner.

Lane in front, my Mom, my Dad, my great uncle Monty, my great Aunt Zora and my little cousin Jasmine.

Chris holding Baby Kurt, Brooke, Suzanne, my Father-in-law and my Mother-in-law.
I like to refer to them as my other Father and Mother, not just my in-laws.

My uncle Ernie and my good friend Cori.

And of course, the guest of honor, Ayla, with her Daddy and Mommy.
This was the only picture I got of the 3 of us together and the green balloon is in front of my face. Oh, well!

Kurt with Baby Kurt.

Ayla with her Mommy.

Aunt Marion came too.
Her boyfriend, Monty came too but I don't have a picture of him there.
Plus our good friend Jolene came too but was only there for a little bit. So I didn't get a picture of her either.

Here is my niece, Morganne playing with a balloon and in the background is her mother, Krista. This was the only picture I got of Krista.

Well that was everyone.

Now some pictures of the kids having fun!

They played on the stage a lot.

Love this picture of Morganne.

I had to take Ayla's shoes off because she kept tripping on her pants with them. So I rolled up her pants too. She looked so cute in her Kermit shirt.

She loved playing with the balloons


Cute again!

And here is Morganne and her playing together.
Totally cute!

Next we let her open presents.

She loved the paper of course.

She had a lot of fun!

She got a lot. Everything was everywhere.
I will show what she got in a different post.

Then we sang "Happy Birthday" to her and let her eat her cake.

She started to dig into her cake when we were still singing. LOL!!

She loved it.

This was when she was nearly done.

Top view.

My dad leaned into her and she actually started to poke his face with her messy fingers. It was so cute.

After cake and after being cleaned up.
Hanging out with her Grandma Perry. She loves her necklace.
We all had a wonderful time and I was pleased at how the party went. It was fun to plan and see it come to life.

Below are two clips from the party.
The first one is Ayla and Morganne playing together with balloons. It is so cute to listen to Ayla trying to talk during the clip.

Wasn't that cute?

The second one is when we were cleaning up after the party and Kurt was dancing with Morganne on the stage. Krista was filming them with her camera. She took a couple of clips of them dancing and made one clip, to music. It turned out so cute.

Wasn't that cute? Kurt always dances with Morganne.

I hope you enjoyed the clips. Thanks Krista, for filming them.

I also hope you enjoyed the post of the party and felt like you were there.


Elizabeth said...

What great fun!! I can't believe how big she is! and walking too!! I love the cakes you made. I didn't know you were such a good artiste. I'm glad you all had so much fun.

Nanette said...

Can you come to PA and plan the party for my little boy on the 17th? That would be wonderful! I am making an elmo cake-I've never decorated cake before and I'm totally intimidated! You, on the other hand, are amazing!
Your little one is absolutely precious!

Chad and Clair said...

As usual you did an awesome job on the cakes. I love the theme...that was such a good idea! It looked like the party turned out really good. Ayla looked cute in her kermit the frog shirt.

T. L. C. said...

Heather I am so very proud of you and your planning skills! You did GREAT!!! And I'm not just saying that. WOW! The cakes looked sooo yummy and I thought the Kermit the Frog was just wonderful!!! I've always had a soft spot for kermie So this was very orginal and awesome!!!

I LOVED all your pictures and the clips. Ayla looked so cute with her cuff roles at the bottom and just a t-shirt with the frog man. And you even did the shirt too?!?!? 10 Stars my dear. Ayla will treasure this blog and the picturs and clips of her special day. Time is just going to quickly.

Happy Birthday AYLA!!! All Loves and Hugs <3 :: tierra ::

Jared and Laura said...

Heather you're SO talented!!! Looks like a complete success-- loved the theme. Can't believe how fast Ayla is growing up!

Nancy Face said...

I am in love with the cakes you made! Her birthday picture is precious and worth the effort! You did a GREAT job planning and decorating! YAY! :D

QuintonandChristy said...

I love the kermit theme. You are so creative. And I love that Ayla had her own little cake! Looks like it was lots of fun.

Ann Marie said...

Love the Kermit theme..
Love your cakes..
Love her adorable shirt..
Love that she enjoyed her cake..

Well done girl! I am so sad we had to miss it!! Love you and your skills girlie!! Good job!

Cherie said...

Heather the Kermit theme is so colorful and adorable. You have some decorating skills girl - Those cakes were SO cute!! I am really into having a great cake and you did it!!!!

Ayla is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family to celebrate her very first birthday!

Congrats on your first party, it can be exhausting but so worth it:D

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

Wow amazing! girl im sereous when i say you need to start your own business. when i showed beau this all he couldd say was "wow" the party looked so cute, you did such a great job!

TheIcePixy said...

What a cute party theme! How fun! I did a Pond Themed party for Lilly last year, (Frogs, turtles, ducks and fish,) and I have no idea what I'm going to be doing this year yet. Frogs and green are the best! Also, how completely adorable of Kurt to dance with Morganne like that! That was the funniest thing! He's pretty good and she was awesome at keeping up with him! You should almost enter that into some kind of home videos contest or something.