Monday, March 2, 2009

Kurt's Birthday and Beard!

Kurt is in a sign language class and his last assignment was to sign about a life changing experience he had. He didn't want to talk about anything serious in front of his class so he decided he would grow a beard for his first time and sign about that.

Here is a picture after a couple days of not shaving.

And another couple of days later.

Kurt's work's "Kick Off" meeting theme is Access Rocks. So they gave T-shirts to their employees and they were packaged like this.

So here is Kurt rocking the guitar and rocking the beard.

Now for Kurt's birthday and what we did. 

Ayla and I started the day at her one year check up. I found out that I was right about her not growing the past few months and that I should be feeding her more regular food to help her grow. She has been eating baby food. I had given her food in the past but she choked so I was afraid of giving her food because I didn't think she was ready. But then her doctor told me it is okay if she chokes a little because she needs to learn how to eat.

So after her appointment, Ayla and I met Kurt for lunch for his birthday. We went to Cafe Rio because we had a free meal from winning it at our ward Valentine's party, playing the Newly Wed Game. While we were there, Kurt and I started to feed Ayla our food.

After Cafe Rio, we stopped over at Smith's to pick up some real food for Ayla. Then we took Kurt back to work.

Here she is trying Vienna Sausages. 
I have discovered she doesn't like them. What a shame. That is another problem with Ayla and food. She doesn't like many different foods. I guess we will have to keep trying.

And this is what Kurt got to come home to.
Of course I made him a cake and a card. The card said "I didn't have enough time to make you an awesome birthday card." And on the inside it read "But then I thought about it. It wouldn't matter how much time I had. I couldn't make a card awesome enough to match your awesomeness! Happy birthday Kurt!" I know I am cheesy but he is awesome and he did like the card. I also got him the Back to the Future trilogy.

Also, while we were at the Ayla's doctor appointment that day, she told me to introduce dairy back into my diet to see if Ayla still had the milk allergy. You see, I breastfeed and I love milk. I never would have thought that I would stop drinking milk ever in my life but I did for Ayla. The things we will do for our kids. Anyway, I hadn't had any dairy since June of last year and so when she told me to introduce it back into my diet, I was pretty excited.

So I bought my favorite Ice cream and a gallon of milk while we were at Smiths.

I finally was able to have cake and ice cream. It felt like my birthday.

Here I am taking the first bite of ice cream and I loved it.

Here is my first glass of milk.

My first drink. I was in heaven. 
I regret to inform you that I think Ayla still has the allergy, so dairy, once again, is being put on the back burner. This time it won't be as long though. I will be weaning Ayla soon.

Here is Kurt opening his present.

Here is his reaction.

He was pretty stoked.
He had wanted that trilogy for a long time.

And here is Ayla looking at his reaction to his present. She is so cute.

Well, we all had a good time on Kurt's birthday and Kurt finally shaved his beard the next day because he was going crazy with it and he had passed off his assignment on his birthday.

Plus, Kurt's parents took Kurt and I out to Sizzler on Saturday with his whole family.  We had a good time. We got to see his family twice that day because we had Ayla's birthday party later that evening. Which I will post about next.


Ann Marie said...

Fun times!
As always.. her expressions crack me up!

Keep trying the foods... She needs it Heather...

The cake looks yummy!

I am not a beard girl. I hate them. Whenever Chad has one after hunting I can't wait for it to be gone so I can kiss him again! I love smooth!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

i love beards. depends on the guy tho right? ayla is so adoreable by the way.

Cherie said...

You totally spoiled your husband - So fun!! I loved what you wrote in your card :D

I have to tell you that I could not live without milk! I drink way too much but I love it so I am feeling your pain!!

I also must confess that I love facial hair. My husband used to grow it for me before he was in the Bishopric - now he won't. I miss it!

BTW our husbands have close names Kurt and Kurke - Cool!

Nancy Face said...

My hubby doesn't get any kisses if he grows a he shaves! ;)