Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We got pictures of Ayla taken!

My friend, Ann called me up the other day and told me about a free photo session for kids that would be taken in a garden. Kris, who is an amazing photographer, was the one doing the session. I tell ya, she is amazing at taking pictures and capturing moments. Ann has her take pictures of her family all the time. So when Ann told me it was a free session, I jumped at the chance to have pictures taken of Ayla in a garden. I just have to pay for the pictures I decide to get.

Yesterday was when the photo shoot took place and the pictures are amazing. If you want to see them, check them out here. Ayla is in the 4th photo from the top. She is standing in the middle of some tulips. It is so cute. I can't wait to see all the pictures she took of Ayla.

Thank you Kris! You did an amazing job!

You should check out Kris' blog. She is truly an amazing photographer.

Did I say amazing enough in this post?


Nanette said...

Oh Heather, she is gorgeous!

Cherie said...

Heather: Ayla's red hair is Amazing!! Seriously, this picture is gorgeous! She looks so cute with all of those tulips around her and the color is so vivid.
I also see Ann's girls and their beautiful picture.
This photographer does great work and how nice of her to do a free shoot!
You'llhave to show off the pictures you choose :D

{Mo} said...

What a darling little doll you have!