Friday, April 24, 2009

Kurt and I went on a date!

On Tuesday, me and my hubby, Kurt went out on a date. The last time we had gone out together was this past September for our anniversary and we went to the temple and did sealings. That was wonderful. This time we went out for dinner and a show.

We started the evening at the luxurious Arctic Circle. One of our faves.

I had to take all the pictures myself.

Dinner was awesome. Like I said, I love Arctic Circle. I also loved the price. It kind of balanced out the price we  paid to see a show. 

Now when I say a show, I mean a show and not a movie.












Well here it is:

Yes, I said Wicked!

We rode trax to the show. Here, we are waiting for the train. 
I thought it would be better to ride trax than fight all the traffic downtown but we spent more riding trax than what we would have if we paid for parking. Well, I guess we live and learn. Right?

Here is a view of the Capitol Theatre from across the street where we saw Wicked.
Don't you love how people are dressed in green? How fun!

Had to get a picture of Kurt with the sign.

And me too!

I had to take a picture of the chandelier inside because I thought it was so beautiful.

Well the show was amazing and, really, that is all I can say because if I go on about it I will be here all night long. Plus I don't think I could point out favorite parts because I loved it so much. It left me in awe. I don't know if I could say anything about it that would justify the show. So I just leave you with the word "amazing!"

This was my first time seeing a Broadway production. I thought they were lip syncing because it was so flawless. I have been to lots of musicals but not Broadway. I totally think it was so worth the money we spent. I would do it again. I so want to see more Broadway shows. I loved Wicked and now I am listening to the music on my MP3 player. The story was awesome and I want to see it again and again. I can't wait to see another Broadway show. I am sure we will because Kurt loves them and so do I now.


T. L. C. said...

OH. MY. GOSH. (Sreaming!!!!!!!!!!)
I'm SO JEALOUS! You SAW wicked!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!

I am DIEING....just DIEING to see that show...I have the soundtrack and have seen tons of youtube videos and I an so freakin happy and jealous at the same time for you! {at least I'm honest LOL}

I'm so glad though for you and Kurt! What a great date!!!!

Ann Marie said...


Girlie.. You guys need more dates though.. The last one was in September? Crazy..

Nanette said...

You are one lucky girl!!! I have always wanted to see that show!!! Come visit me and I will take you to the real broadway for a show-it's only two hours away from me. :)
Bobby and I have date night every Friday-i look forward to it all week long. It really helps us both. Hooray for dating our husbands!

Becca said...

when you go on dates, you go in style! how fun that you saw wicked! you'll have 'popular' stuck in your head for at least a month ;)

Cherie said...

I am SO glad you guys had a fun date and got to see WICKED!
My hubby took me to see it last year in LA and it was such a FABULOUS show!! It is worth the cost - it is one of the best shows out there!!
What was your favorite part?

If you don't have it get the CD - I still listen to it all the time and it brings the show right back!

Happy for you!!

Elaine said...

This is Ann's mom. We have some reasonable homes in our stake, and the wards are wonderful, especially ours! I would seriously love to have you come to our ward. Give me a call (Ann has my number)

{Mo} said...

Yea for you! I too am JEALOUS! My MIL and SIL went and they loved it. Sorry I'm slow commenting, for some reason when you post it only shows up on my list after a day or two???? Curiously odd!
Anyway, I'm with Ann... you guys need to go on more dates girl!

Miss Megan said...

My husband and I went and saw Wicked last year in Chicago and we were both FLOORED by how awesome it was. I couldn't get over the stage sets, costumes and of course music! Isn't it just awesome?! I think every family should take their teenage daughter to see Wicked - I love the message of being true to yourself. Anyways, I'm really glad you had the opportunity to see it too. Broadway musicals are my fav!

QuintonandChristy said...

heather it was so good to see you, I know your day was busy and it must have been hard to fit it in.

I too am SO jealous (but happy for you!) That you saw Wicked! How fun.

Hope we can get together soon. Good luck on the house bid!

Maura said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. I love the soundtrack for Wicked.