Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Baptism!

On Saturday, Ayla and I went to my friend Katie's son, Traeden's baptism. I love going to baptisms. It is so great to watch one of Heavenly Father's children decide to enter the waters of baptism and to receive the Holy Ghost and to become a member of the church.

Here is the happy family!
Jordan, Elie, Traeden and Katie.

This was my first time going to a baptism that was on a stake level. So there were other children being baptized other then Traeden.

They had one big meeting with everyone where they had people give talks, sing and the mothers each got to go up and share some things about their child. Then everyone took turns going into the Relief Society room (that is were the baptismal font was) and they each had their own personal baptism. Then they had them go to another room to receive the Holy Ghost. Traeden was the last one to be baptised. So we didn't have to leave the Relief Society room for him to receive the Holy Ghost. That was very nice.

I thought it was nice that each child still got their own personal baptism. I thought they would all go in there and watch each other be baptised. I liked that it was personal because it is a big deal when someone enters the waters of baptism and I think it should be recognized on an individual basis.

During the meeting before the baptism, Ayla and I spent the whole time in the halls. Ayla did not want to sit still whatsoever. It was okay. I still got to hear the talks and the mothers talk about their child.

My friend, Ann's kids Mary, Tenney and Christian came out in the hall a couple of times and played with Ayla. I had to get a picture. Too cute!

During the actual baptism, Ayla was playing in the curtains. That was nice because it kept her occupied and I got to enjoy watching Traeden be baptised and receive the Holy Ghost.

Traeden really loves the Utah Jazz and Katie asked me over a month ago if I would make him a Birthday / Baptism cake. I told her Yes. They decided they wanted it to be a Jazz cake and so that is what I made.

My sweet Mom, Dad and Uncle Ernie came over on Friday to entertain Ayla while I decorated the cake. Thanks family! The cake took a total of 5 hours to make from start to finish. And the decorating part was only about a half an hour of that 5 hours.

And of course I got a picture of Traeden with his cake at the luncheon after the baptism. I loved that he had changed into his Jazz outfit. He loved his cake and all the kids stood around and starred at it for a good while. Every once in a while I would hear Traeden say how cool it was and he would tell the other kids not to touch it. Seeing Traeden and how much he loved his cake made it all worth it. That is what is the funnest thing about making cakes is—that the person really loves their cake. Especially when it is a child. I love to see children happy.

I really enjoyed the baptism and to be amongst good friends. What a fun day.

Traeden, I am very proud of you and your decision to be baptised! I am glad I got the chance to be there! Thank you!


{Mo} said...

You never cease to amaze me you talented girl you!

Nanette said...

When I got baptized it was pretty much the same-a mass hord of children. Our moms didn't get to say nice things to us though-we just had an opening prayer and took turns using the font. I felt like I was at the waters on Mormon with the crowd of new baptizees. It was a good day.
I just love your cakes (obviously)! You do have a talent for it but I think your magic is the ability to love the person you are making it for-it comes out in the finished product everytime. :)

Cherie said...

It is so nice of you to support your friends and their children - that is what makes friendships so strong!