Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Mom's Birthday Party!

On Saturday, we celebrated our Mom's birthday. We had a BBQ at my sister, Marion's house. 

Carolyn, my sister-in-law, brought her friend Kayla. 
She is a sweet girl. She is the one in the glasses.

Had to get a picture of Lane Brain. I love him!

Here is Dad!

Dad and Ernie outside trying to clean the grill because some birds made a nest in it. Poor birds. Their home was destroyed.

Ayla looking outside at Buckle, of course. She loves that dog.

Ayla and I. 
Notice Buckle in the background?

One of the awesomest things that happened that day was my best friend, Leah and her wonderful family flew in from Tennessee. They also joined us at the party. Yay!

Leah, Evan and cute little Noah.
I need to give Evan props for flying out here. He said he would never fly and he did. Thanks Evan! We are so glad you are here.

Such a cute little guy!

And of course I needed a picture with the little cutie!

And of course I made my mom a cake. 
Here, we were singing Happy Birthday to her.

Then she opened gifts.

She got some shorts and some other things from Marion.

And Kurt and I made her another T-shirt of her Grandkids. 
She loves these shirts. Can you tell? LOL!! She was wearing the last one we made her. It almost looks like the same shirt.


Nanette said...

I still think your family is #1 at parties-so fun!

Lauren said...

That cake looks so amazing!

Ann Marie said...

I'm so happy it all turned out well! I can't wait to see them tonight! I hope it's a good night!

I'm SURE the cake was yummy! You make the BEST and YUMMIEST cakes!

Emily and beau.......ardie too said...

pretty cake girl, your so amazing. and i must say ayla is to die for adoreable:)

Nancy Face said...

Fun party! :)

Silly birds, making their nest in the grill! ;)

Me said...

That is so sad about the birds. I hope they relocated without a problem. I'm glad though that you had such a great day with your family and friends. Those are the moments that mean the most to me.

And I'm sure the cake was delish!