Friday, May 15, 2009

Ayla at the park!

We took Ayla to the park for her first time this past Saturday.

We went because our friends, Cole and Maura, had invited us to Cole's graduation BBQ. 

And I made the dessert. 
He had graduated from the U too just like Kurt. 

I wanted to get a picture of Cole with his cake that day but we got to the BBQ late; they had already cut into the cake. But it didn't matter that we got there late because I wouldn't have been able to take a good picture anyway. We realized after some time of being at the BBQ, we had forgotten the diaper bag and the camera was in the diaper bag. LAME!!

I was really disappointed because I wanted to take pictures of Ayla at the park. I still did with my phone but the picture are small. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. The picture are still darling though.

Here is Ayla on the slide for her first time. FUN!

She had a lot of fun running around.

She loved the pine cones.
 Notice the look on her face? She didn't want to be picked up but it was time to go. She cried all the way to the car. I guess that is what kids do when they have to leave the park.

We had a good time at the BBQ. We enjoyed the company and the food. Thank you Cole and Maura for inviting us! Congrats again, Cole!


Me said...

How fun! My kids LOVE the park. Jordan has taken them there a lot lately too. Be careful though, once you start going, that's all Ayla will want to do.

Also, I love the cake. I'm a Ute fan too, so of course I'm going to like it. Great job, again!

Nanette said...

Murdock does the same thing when we have to leave...its like he has to leave his liver or some such organ behind. I'm pretty sure I did the same thing-its a right of passage. :) Your phone takes much better pictures than mine does!

Cherie said...

Fun times! I love the pictures and kids DO love the park - So fun!!

Your cake is beautiful it is just the wrong letter on it (wink wink) - BYU fans here :D