Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ayla is walking!!!

I just wanted to document and share with everyone that Ayla is officially walking. She walked about 5 feet on Friday but last night she was walking all over the living room. I trailed behind her to catch her when she fell but she did really well. She would walk about 5 feet or so and then she would fall. She is really getting the hang of it.

Go Ayla!!


Good Job, Sweet Pea!!!!


Tierra Lynne said...

First! Sweeet!

How FANTASTIC!!!! I'm so proud of her! I miss you guys but hopefully i'll see you this year! Did you get any of it on video???

WAY to GO AYLA!!!!

Ann Marie said...


What an exiting day for the family!
I look forward to all of my children walking quickly -- because it gets them off (their hands)being on the ground.. :)

You know me and germs...

Leah said...

Yeah for Ayla! She did it, and right before her 1st birthday. How fun. =) I agree with Ann...I hate how dirty Noah's (one) sock's nasty. I am always washing his hands. I'll be happy when Noah starts walking.

{Mo} said...

Yea Ayla!!! What a fun milestone :)
Hey, I've sent you 2 or 3 emails but they keep comming back??? Would you mind just emailing me Leli's adress at

Dawn Harvey said...

we're so happy for you guys that is such an exciting time! She's just going to grow so fast from now on, you just won't believe it. What a sweetheart. She's so cute.